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At times running and with the four mythical Madrid-Barca we are experiencing in recent weeks, what better to devote our picture of today, to sports. Some say, that there are two types of person (a bit exaggerated I would say, but about opinions, it is better not decide) lovers of football and basketball lovers. At first glance, we could detect that they are two team sports, which is played with a ball, whose step by goal or basket, makes scoring points. Also that one plays with hands and the other with the feet. But there are many more differences, the perhaps not so obvious, but no less significant. First, football is a sport strategy and team, in which individuals are welcome, but do not win a League, a cup or a Champions.

While in basketball, a man can really make a difference. In the first, you struggle and made a game mode, to hopefully get one, two or the so repeated five goals of this season. In the second, however, the tactic is the constant drip of points, adds and continues, adds and continues. Physically, there are also differences. In one, virtually any physical condition is acceptable, higher, or lower, more or less muscled, may be goalkeeper, defense, or front, but if it is in the form will have a hole in the team. The other is restrictive, or you're high, or as much as you can dedicate yourself to perform sports criticism of the ACB.

And certainly that already were thinking about wages. What scandal!. Although here they can probably surprise you data published by ESPN Magazine. Basketball player Kobe Bryant, better paid with the Lakers t-shirt, win environment at 25 million dollars. While the highest paid in football, is Cristiano Ronaldo, with 19 million dollars a year.None of us will live long enough to enter the fourth part of that money. Say what the fourth can be found do more articles of this series to not forget to follow us on photo: Edurne Iza text: Onintza Otamendi? Iza can download this photo freely. The only restriction is your sale or lucrative use of the same. Do not forget that whole work belongs to its author, get a good use of it. Original author and source of the article.

The first settlement was called El Sol. In 1936, they changed its name to Helios, the Greek meaning of Sun. Hennes & Mauritz (H & M): In 1947, the Swede Erling Persson opened a clothing store for women only, called Hennes (in Swedish means for her) in which clothing store model reproduced based on large volumes of sale allowing to keep prices low, developed in the United States. In 1968, Mauritz Widforss acquired the company and renamed Hennes & Mauritz. Pravia's hay: this is a long story and emerges during a trip. Back in 1903, Salvador Echeandia Gal is lost by Asturian lands and is literally captivated aroma that leaves the Hay freshly cut in the village of Pravia.

Once back to Madrid, says with Lesmes Sainz de Vicuna, his partner in the founding of Perfumeria Gal what had become an obsession: capture memories that kept Pravia Hay aroma in a perfume. No doubt jumped both on the name of a product, then imaginary, that faithful to the image recorded on the mind of Salvador Echeandia was going to be green, like hay, and with a yellow wrapper, in the image and likeness of the color of the Hay dry. IKEA: The company was founded by in one of the poorest regions of Sweden by Ingvar Kamprad, born in the city of Elmtaryd Agunaryd, when he was only 17 years old in 1943. The name Ikea is formed by the initials of his name and surname (IK) and the detection of its place of origin (EA). Intel: Intel was born from the hand of Gordon Moore and Robert Noyle in 1968. The original name was to be Moore-Noyce, but given that in English it sounds very similar to more noise (more noise) opted for the abbreviation of Integrated Electronics. Jacuzzi: Seven Italian brothers Jacuzzi, that sold water pumps for farms, built in 1956 a submersible pump for bathtubs.