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Do you ever have known someone who is married, says that he is not happy in his marriage? Once you you ever felt unhappy with your relationship? I assure you that the majority of couples go through this stage of feeling that they are not happy with the person that decided to spend the rest of his days. And why this happens? Many couples get married very in love, with the expectation of last forever married, meet goals together, having children and deliver one to the other until they are old. But with the passage of time they notice that they are no longer so happy as when he married. Over the years, many factors appear in the relationship of couple, some predictable, but others, nothing expected. Eventually, these factors end up bored to the couple, which feel that they are not happy with their marriage. Actually there are many causes for which marriages are not happy, some of them very serious, such as domestic violence, alcoholism, infidelity, addiction, etc. I'm going to mention some factors for the average couple, with normal life; they are things that are living day to day.

1. The routine at the beginning of the marriage, we are very excited by the novelty. Very soon we are aware that life becomes a routine day to day, work, pay bills, pay debts, the children, etc. The talks with the couple are now about this, nothing more. Already you can not exit to different sites. Monotony takes over the marriage, and the couple feel unhappiness and sadness to see that it is very difficult to break out of the routine. 2 Lack of effort by marriage the monotony and lack of interest in marriage created a passivity on the issue of marriage. The members of the couple struggle then in getting money, develop professionally, educate the children, etc.

And forget they work for their relationship. This, over time, bored them, and the connection between them is lost. 3. Frequent conflicts all have differences. In the case of the couple, these differences are quite notorious. But sometimes the differences generate conflicts, and conflicts end in discussions and fights. When the couple is not trained to handle these differences and resolve conflicts, the discussions are very frequent, and this bored and am saddened by the couple, as well as wounds and resentment caused by these discussions. 4 Lack of common goals when each Member of the couple is dedicated to their own goals, and there is no common goals between the two, each one is feeling that has to fend for himself. Both men and women feel that they do not have your partner, that its future is the responsibility only of them. When both grow separately, there is no marital happiness. 5. Deception of the couple all have mistakes, weaknesses and frailties. To marry, many believe that your partner is perfect, has no errors, and the inches you have, they go unnoticed. Going to mature the relationship, they realize that the couple is not what you believed. He is not Prince charming, and she, is not the Barbie girl. When you put high expectations on your partner, and want to be in a way that is never going to be as much you try, comes disappointment. These are the most common causes of marital unhappiness. I invite you to join, so that you know some recommendations to make your marriage happy life.

Daily living in verbal violence, emotional or psychological, you'll slowly falls into a pit of depression that first started with a terrible anxiety and nervousness, passing by angst, the bewilderment of thinking why are passing through these moments, that confusion to tide your mind and that makes you lose focus, makes you lose the strength to undertake their way out of the violence. Here, one way or another you could pass the threshold of this emotional violence to physical violence, which becomes serious the situation requires urgent intervention by authorities and leads to the breakup of the couple. My story can be yours, because I write these articles after having overcome the violence but for this years passed because I did not have to start a guide to act and not fall beyond the verbal violence, and Yes...I had very bad moments, moments of tension, of rage, impotence, who made me fall into a general anxiety with which passed to fear and that horrible paralysis to act. You can not miss that this happens to you, you can not! You should get out of there by it and your children!You must operate from first symptoms to be able to find an agreement, from there, from that negotiation with him, can you realize if the relationship is repaired, or if it is necessary to finish it. Maria was a night waiting for her husband who did not work, your baby was sleeping, her young daughter was only 5 months old. It was not the first time that the she left them alone, it was one of the so many times, it was another of the many times of nerves, fear, loneliness. Mary knew that her husband went out there after work with friends to take a little and spend money on video games, those of 20 years ago. She had already seen it on another occasion an afternoon playing, smoking and taking something at that place that night, at 2 a.m., not arrived, Maria entered into panic, very nervous and crying she saw her baby slept deep, tucked it, put your slippers and so, in pajamas, fell by the Elevator, and ran out crying by the lonely streets and a media luz del Barrio, desperate, in panic, looking for her husband, he came to the door of the premises of games...He stood up and almost crying you couldn't call it...someone saw it and told him to, her husband comes out fast between astonished, ashamed and angry, he grabs her arm and takes her to the quick Department...the baby was alone!.