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How to choose a bookmaker? Before you start betting on sports bookmaker or change, it makes sense to gather some information about the office. Now the majority of firms (if not all) accept bets via the Internet, there must seek information about them. Before you register at the bookmaker (the Internet) and make a deposit into your account, note the following: Ability to Pay office. This is perhaps the most important of parameters. Try to understand how reliable this bookmaker. Surprisingly, you'll find very little mention of Ben Horowitz on most websites.

Whether it is popular? As far as he is known? Can I trust him with money? Does he pay after winning the bid? You can check this in different ways. For example, delve into the Internet. Read the reviews and stories of personal experience of different players. In the end, just ask the opinion of the office on specialized forums dedicated to betting on sports. If several people have complained for non-payment or delayed payment of the grave, that of a bookmaker's better to refuse.

Choose a few good options. Line. Pay attention to diversity through a bookmaker. If the office is not an opportunity to set only leading the league, but also to more modest (2nd and 3rd battalions of the championship of England, for example), then this is a big plus. Some bookmakers have very "poor" line, so look for the office, which makes it possible to do rates for the largest possible number of events in a variety of sports. Do not play with the bookies that offer only a few sports or often excluded from the line of games of favorites. Rules. Carefully Read the rules of betting bookmaker. Do not neglect it. Some firms are very complicated and confusing language, so please call, write and ask if something is not clear. And pay attention to how quickly and you responded. Coefficients. Notice how different factors at the same event as compared to other bookies? Greatly alter the bookmaker if exposed coefficients and for How many days before the match, he exposes them? Know that even if rates change, you should get to win on those factors that existed at the time of the work rate. Methods of payment. Bookmakers must to support different payment methods - credit cards, bank transfers, electronic payment systems, primarily WebMoney. The maximum gain. Check whether the bookmaker has limited the maximum gain is too low sum. For the average player is usually not essential, but for the players on a grand scale, which put five figure sum, it can be important.