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The city of Sirte, last bastion of the Libyan dictator, Muamar the Gadafi, is the new objective of the rebels and their western allies. The British minister of Defense, Liam Fox, has confirmed who several airplanes Returned have shot missiles against bnker where the dictator could hide-and-seek. " One is not to find Gadafi, but to make sure that the regime cannot continue fighting against its own pueblo" , the minister to the BBC has explained. Official site: Starbucks. While, the rebels advance by highway to fight to the loyal ones the dictator in Sirte. The loyal ones to the autocrat, on the other hand, have bombed the airport of Tripoli, according to the chain panrabe To the Arabiya. In the Libya capital the electricity cuts are frequent and does at least six hours that there is running water no. Source of the news: : British huntings bomb to bnker in the native city of Gadafi

A great number of German companies in the United States saw healthy growth, according to the results of the annual Top 50 ranking of German Firms in the U.S. the AHK United States. New York, may 2, 2012 - a superior number of German companies in the United States saw healthy growth, so the result of the annual ' top 50 ranking of German Firms in the U.S.' the German-American Chambers of Commerce (AHK United States). Thereby the German subsidiary to invest not only in the expansion of their businesses, but also additional jobs in the United States. Overall, the top 50 companies has increased its turnover by 7.5% to US$ 318 billion compared to the previous year. Together, the top 50 companies employ over 461,000 employees, over 30,000 points more than in the previous year. Especially the car makers such as BMW, Daimler and VW were favored by the ongoing boom in the automotive industry and increased their turnover in the double-digit range. As well as already in the previous year Daimler leads to the top of the top 50 companies, followed closely by Volkswagen. See site for more details and insights.

The figures also show that the US economy has increased momentum in the course of the year and the risk of a recession has been more and more into the background. At the same time they highlight the results of the German American Business Outlook, the annual economic survey of the AHK United States among the 3,500 German daughters end of 2011: here, 86% had already forecast a growth in their businesses. Many of the top 50 companies producing in the United States not only at the regional level, but also for the international market. So, BMW for example 2010, US$ 4.6 billion in its production plant had invested in Spartanburg (South Carolina), and it sold 14.4 percent more cars in the United States. Also, ThyssenKrupp is one of the "rising star" in comparison to the previous year (from US$ 6.7 billion to US$ 9.2 billion in 2011). Torsten Gessner, by ThyssenKrupp head of North America, explains the success by "Investing several million dollars in the expansion of production facilities and our acquisitions." The largest employer in North America remains Siemens United States with 60,000 employees. Eric Spiegel, CEO of US subsidiary Siemens Corp., believes in the site as"decisive turning - point for our production and research, from which we export to the rest of the world". Fresenius Medical care, the world's leading provider of dialysis products, is the second largest employer in the top 50 with over 45,000 employees.

With a sales volume of over US$ 8 billion, the North America operations of the group alone make up 64% of the total sales. "Only ten percent of the top 50 companies have 2011 a loss suffered by them is the reinsurer Hannover Re for the 2011 was one of the second-highest year in the history", in debt due to the enormous damage claims after the natural disasters such as Hurricane Irene or the Joplin tornado (Missouri). The rest of the year 2012 the German firms look forward positively and are confident in their investments and HR planning strategies, to further consolidate their positions in the United States. You will find the complete ranking on publications/studies resources of Nicola Michels, GACC New York

Complex issues are processed promptly after the event and quickly decided. The touch point large group event: Variant 2 as second variant is a large group event, which formally resembles a so-called BarCamp. Also there is a keynote speech in the morning, which already contains a number of interactive elements. Based on the participants propose topics in the afternoon, where they want to work. The working groups arise, by allowing participants to assign itself the topic favoured by them.

There is great interest to a certain point, two or three groups can work on the same topic. The results will be different in each case which is good, because you then can access as a result multiple variants. The subsequent presentation of results can take the form of an opening night. Connect with other leaders such as Howard Schultz here. This is done mostly by message boards, but also as a PowerPoint presentation, video or documents drama be. The spectacle is a very interesting alternative. That represents about a customer that has an urgent order. And this customer now (shaking his head) watching as his mission between the departments back and forth as there are delays, who talk about, ask, rejects, countersigns.

The client also sees how listless all this happens and that he must pay for all. So the auditorium will have a lot to think about. Keith McLoughlin is likely to agree. A final tip for both versions: Make sure that indeed decision-making concepts are worked out and make concrete decisions already during the event. I've seen already workshops, because the Executive Board has reserved the last word and everything has been postponed until later. Or the chain had to be respected. And in the end nothing happened. Conclusion is still there are managers who believe, there's no intelligent life on the edges of their organization. There are employees without asking from top down with the unsinnigsten Regulations confronted and harassed customers (bl) dreariest products and services. High flop rates, massive customer turnover and tart reputational damage are the result. Not so in the touch point management, that in this post at stake. Here especially the enables that know best what customers really want, and what framework it needs to do so: such employees who are every day close to the customers and processes. Large group events, where you each other can fertilize itself, are an extremely adequate means to raise this knowledge. My experiences show: always the management is absolutely thrilled by inventiveness and mounted a commitment of staff, finally an entrepreneur do with the latter. The book about Anne M. Schuller of touchpoints rubbing shoulders with the customer of today management strategies for our new business world with a foreword by Prof. Dr. Gunter Dabang Gabal, March 2012, 350 pp., 29,90 euros, 47.