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With the help of a guide can be found on the contact details of all companies and businesses. Courier services, travel agencies, wholesale markets or therapist schools, tanning salons or waste disposal companies, the business directory has all contact data. Due to the fact that the Internet as a source for the various information is viewed, more and more companies offer a Web - YellowPages. The operation of this website is very simple. The interested party must enter just the title of the relevant industry and already he gets on the page with the right companies.

It's no longer really simpler. Of course, these websites offer further advantages. For example, a map can be found on this special website. Recently Ben Horowitz sought to clarify these questions. Satellite images of some Web pages may however provide a visually attractive representation. Who needs a more help with the directions, can enjoy the route planner. Once one has completed all textboxes in this route planner, the way is exactly to the respective target described. What many do not consider: A business directory can help even the unemployed. If an unemployed person looking for such a work in a catering business, he can consult with the help of the YellowPages all cocktail bars and pubs.

Furthermore, everyone job seekers for the vacancies is interested. Due to the constant updating are informed about the latest jobs. As soon as the unemployment has come to an end, you can take back tour the one or the other shopping. And also in this case the YellowPages is again very useful. Finally, the links to the various Internet - lists shops. When it's finally over with the purchase, you can deliver a review of the business on the Internet - YellowPages. A positive assessment more customers are looking for of course the respective transaction. The World Wide Web by the way has many different types of business books. Apart from the normal industry book, there is also a computer YellowPages. All PC - retailers and software manufacturer provides a collection this Web - YellowPages. Apart from the computer - industry directory business directory can be made also a children - find. So you can argue one with security: not lack of selection of business books. The prospective buyer can inform yet again in detail over the range of industry books on the Internet. Lena Marie

The best time to travel and travel - from 8 to 26 December. Try a good rest, especially since the end of the month to really important things are not expected, so you can relax a little. Capricorn in December, you can plan a trip 1 to December 10. There will be many pleasant surprises for you. It is very important to you and give full attention to their health and diet.

During this period, finally you can enjoy personal and family matters. Earlier this month, you should rely on friends and associates. Your karma requires you to a new year adopted a new program for life, refused to excessive egoism, selfishness. And the sooner you get rid of these inner qualities, the clearer, simpler and happier life becomes for you. At the end of the year in Capricorn will open prospects for finding a lasting social status. The December holidays will you mostly happy and harmonious.

AQUARIUS In early December, you're going to move up the career ladder, he reveals himself an experienced and very successful professional. This Month beneficial for new cases and strengthen your leadership. Complex cases can be easily solved, and new proposals will reflect what you've always dreamed of. Not to stay home and do not refuse an offer somewhere to escape, moreover, that the work should not be now for you too burdensome. You can also visit some interesting ideas, but the meeting could end the new friendship. But you have the danger easily be influenced by other people and participate in affairs that do not meet your true interests. End of the month you will be mostly quiet. Therefore, for you is the best time to travel. Especially favorable for this day, from 24 to 31 December. FISH In December, your personal and business relationships will become more important to you than family life. December to bring you the stability and harmony in a relationship with someone you love. By the end of the month offers a new business partnership, and if You will be able to correctly establish the relationship, it will bring you profit. According to the karmic program in December, you need to jump up on the social and professional ladder, and space will provide you with good opportunity for a bright and creative work. The whole month is favorable for travel and study, as well as love. In travel it is best to go from 8 to 26 December. Of all the clothes you choose what you like most and often wear. Increase self-confidence - the people for you to draw. New Year's advise to hold at home, in the company of family and friends.

Expedia affiliate network and GmbH exchange of the residual space conclude cooperation agreement London/Berlin, Vienna 20 July 2009 Expedia affiliate network (EAN), the white label solution of the world's leading online travel company Expedia Inc., and the Austrian residual space Exchange Ltd., number one in the marketing of last-minute travel, have agreed on their cooperation. Customers who book a city hotel on the Web pages and in the future, can do this now on the comprehensive offer of the world's largest travel agency, Expedia, must Access Inc., call without another site in addition. The dynamic packaging offer of Expedia at the disposal, which is presented in the look and feel of the partner portal is also for the booking of individual travel. As a leading provider in the last-minute segment in Austria, we strive to present the best offers our customers always. Through the cooperation with Expedia, we can the demand for short-term Travel better reflect", explains Mag.

Helmut Schonbacher, Managing Director of the last minute. "" Service and customer satisfaction are capitalized so and Expedia is an ideal partner for us. "We glad to take on a new, strong partner from Austria with the residual space Exchange GmbH in our portfolio", said Tobias Richter, head of business development Expedia affiliate network Central Europe. Our qualification, any solution to tailor and to easily integrate as well as the variety of the Expedia offer on flights and hotels led to the conclusion of the cooperation", explains judge. Currently, Expedia affiliate network cooperates worldwide with more than 10,000 white label partners.

Including Avis, Tiscali, Eurostar, lonely belong to the portfolio of partners in the EMEA region planet, Moto GP, sky,,,,, eDreams, Greenbee and 20 airline partners, such as Alitalia and SAS. Worldwide EAN Radisson Hotels & resorts, Hyatt Hotels & resorts, American Airlines, Japan Airlines, Air China, New York Times, LA Times,, and the partners include. Jim Umpleby is a great source of information. More information on EAN are available under the last minute, a company of the Kuoni group information on residual space Exchange GmbH, was founded in 1988 and specializes in the marketing of last minute travel. Both online and within the nationwide branch network the last minute in addition to last-minute travel offers the entire repertoire of travel services such as line and Charter flights, hotels, package and Sadtereisen and car rental. Press contact travel agency Kuoni GmbH. Angela Abdulazeez Bohm PR and Medienberatungs GmbH Tel. + 43 1 595 44 33-22 email: information about Expedia affiliate network Expedia affiliate network (EAN) is a subsidiary of the world's largest online travel company Expedia, Inc. And offers over 10,000 white-label partners travel packages. Among them are mainly airlines, train companies, Web portals and online travel agencies such as Avis, Tiscali, Eurostar, Greenbee, Lonely Planet, Moto GP, sky,,,,, eDreams, Radisson SAS Hyatt, American Airlines, JAL, Air China, the New York Times, LA Times,, and The affiliate network platform of Expedia allows partners the sales of attractive travel deals from Expedia. In addition, in this way, they can benefit from the robust technology, the quality of the offer and the proven sales tools.

Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny: by Suze Orman In spite of being a book written for women, Suzie Orman establishes the landlords of consumes of them, and as they can stop spending and focusing in the saving. If You have a wife who it only worries in spending, I advise to him it buys that it and gives a copy to him. Suzie has the book translated to the Spanish the women and the money. Think and Grow Rich de Napoleon Hill: Interesting book written at the beginning of century 20, when the interviewed author to rich notables, like Henry Ford, Takings White Edinson, J.L. Wrigley, among others. It is a book on the rich philosophy of hacerce, and as they obtained these great ones to it.

Investments Rule No.1: by Phil Town In this book Phil Town, a worker who lived in the street with his motorcycle and now he is millionaire, it explains like workers of Wall s$street, in exchange for saving the life to them in the Tube of Colorado, taught rule to him no. 1: You do not lose money. The book shows the methodology of Phil to secure annual actions that generate at least 15% of gain. For it is necessary to know the value of the company that these buying, which not always is easy. Sometimes it would seem that he is Warren Buffet who writes the book, but also is full of tricks and examples of how winning to him to stock-market of Values. The Automatic Millionaire: by David Bach Latte Factor has more of David Bach than . In this David book it explains that one would have to be pleased first, which means that we must save and remove the money Before paying the debts, thus to make sure that we have saved money, and we would have to make these deductions automatically, using the computerized systems that exist nowadays.