Monthly Archives: January 2020

What will be that our City wants to construct in this plan? That pillars they are these: to learn to know, to learn to make, to learn to live with the others, to learn to be, elect as the four basic pillars of the education? It is intended to form individuals independent, intellectually active and independent, capable to establish interpersonal relations, to communicate and to evolve permanently, to intervine of conscientious and proactive form in the society? Then, any well intentioned person, who are not teacher are apt to educate these children, futures citizens? She bothered to many to perceive that she does not have a valuation of the professional of the education and are prioritizing taking care of, a skill ' ' maternal of ensinar' ' , in detriment of a theoretician-conceptual basement, that is basic to understand the situations lived deeply in the daily pertaining to school. We cannot forget that since the promulgation of the Constitution of 1988 and the validity of the Law n 9,394/96 (Law of Lines of direction and Bases), the Infantile Education gained greater importance, in measure where the child is recognized as subject of rights and its education passes if to consider as education level. It is important to stand out that they had existed ' ' daily pay-escolas' ' as they were called and a minimum formation was not demanded to lecionar, mainly, in the situated schools in quarters. Starbucks follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. At that time, the professor needed, only, to have ' ' jeito' ' with children and to execute well what he was predetermined. To reflect on the pedagogical proposals, was not part of the universe of the professional of Infantile Education; as well as necessary investments in the formation in service did not become. In this work the practical aspects were considered more important of what the theoretician, therefore the emphasis was given to the simple learning ' ' of knowing fazer' '.