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To make this experience it is enough that if it provides: 1 deep Plate of metallic preference; 3 candles; 1 box of matches; 1 great glass; 1 jar with water. With all the ingredients for the reaction chemistry then proceeds from trivial form. Ascende the match and the candles; Pingar some paraffin drops in the center of the plate in order to fix the candles; Deixa the reaction to proceed until the flame of the candles to reach the so great maximum. While the candles oxidate, it explains that at this moment he is being transformed the gas oxygen, the pavio, and paraffin in: gua; Calor; Luz; Carbonic Gs. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sergey Brin. The combustion if processes in its maximum degree, diagnosised for the characteristic brightness of the flames. As it seems that everything is much newness, has approach of the pupils, when the flame is in the maximum then enclausure the candles with the great glass, and adds water to the plate. Fig.

1 Candles in combustion. Kevin Johnson is the source for more interesting facts. At the moments that if follow the flames start to diminish, and the water ' ' to enter in vidro' ' , due to great force caused for the atmospheric pressure that act in the system, and for the space that if ' ' abre' ' inside of the gas confined in the interior of the glass. As the oxygen is converted, it leaves to inside occupy the space of 21% of the composition of the gas that however occupied. The flames if keep until culminating with the extinguishing of the oxygen, in consequence the combustion (reaction) cease. The entrance of the water in the glass occurs for two reasons: A conversion of the oxygen ' ' abre' ' space by vol. of the gas confined in the interior of the glass; A existence of the atmospheric, external pressure to the glass? that ' ' empurra' ' the water for inside of the glass.

The skin is the first organ that reacts to allergens. But the problem, as in humans, is that it is extremely difficult to sharpen give the cause of the allergy. The process of identifying the allergen is even more difficult in domestic animals since one cannot truly save a record of where the pet has entered into contact. Food, environment and chemicals are only some common allergens that give rise to allergic reactions in cats. Allergies induce itching and can lead to skin, lesions and loss of hair breakage. Cats have also been known to develop feline acne due to the use of a plastic bowl.

3 Insect bites and hot spots with hot spots cats are less prone than dogs. Some experts indicate that hot spots due to the factor occur of the voltage. But there is a body of researchers who believe that hot spots happen really due to certain insect bites. When pet scratch insect bite, the area to be wet with serum and leads eventually to painful hot spots. 4 Fleas the presence of fleas on skin can make your cat be extremely irritable. The flea has the ability to cause dermatitis and itching intense. The skin between the toes of the foot are the most affected areas.

Hair loss really occurs in such cases when the presence of fleas takes to fungi or bacterial infection. 5 Scabies another skin disease that can cause excessive hair loss is scabies. It is a persistent condition which is also contagious. Deptopica Scabies is genetic in nature and Sarcoptica Scabies is contagious and causes intense itching. Cheyletiella mites are attached to hair shafts and cause irritation. The < a rel = nofollow onclick = javascript:_gaq. push (' _trackPageview', '/ outgoing/article_exit_link'); href = > significant hair loss is really an important symptom that can lead ultimately to the appropriate underlying disease diagnosis. If you consider the loss of hair as an indication of significant and relevant, timely intervention can help in early detection.

The child complains of headaches warning signs of high blood pressure (hypertension) in children or dizziness of more frequent nose bleeds when the child patients unrest, you should heed heart palpitations and shortness of breath always as a physician can be signs of high blood pressure (hypertension) nausea, vomiting and visual impairments or more causes one this diagnosis should lead to the decision of a differential diagnosis critical limits (Vulzituitat hypertension) hypertension is, when the systolic pressure is higher than 90 mm / Hg at a 2-to 3-year old child. Up to the age of 5 to 9 years, the blood pressure must be less than 95 mm / Hg to 65 mm / Hg. In school until the 12th year, 105 mm / Hg to 65 mm / Hg are the upper limit. A significant verifiable hypertension in adolescents over the age of 12 is, if the value is exceeded by 120 mm / Hg to 70 mm / Hg. Please note that this only means in normal-weight children with Are normal size. (Source: Ben Horowitz). A transfer of child patients to a specialist of children or children specialist practitioner is more than advisable. Consequences of hypertension in children hypertension can lead to kidney damage, stroke and sudden death. How do you treat hypertension? "Professional consultation with a doctor or therapist therapy planning to reduce the excess in hypertension therapeutic body movement plan parental advice in terms of negative seats" before the computer, TV, etc.

Hypertension in children - of the symptoms on the diagnosis to therapy symptoms children are usually free of symptoms. Therefore the increased blood pressure is usually discovered during a routine checkup. First warning signs may be: headache dizziness nosebleeds heart palpitations and anxiety nausea and vomiting, chest pain shortness of breath see disabilities causes of hypertension in children and adolescents in children before puberty an elevated blood pressure is often another child disease attributable to (= secondary hypertension).

Aquilino Polaino called lower self-esteem disorders. This can happen by factors relating to the development, personality, process of upbringing, education or socio-cultural aspects. But also must be taken into account that self-esteem is one of the psychological aspects that are first altered in some psychiatric pathologies. Alterations of self-esteem in multiple psychiatric disorders and in this sense there are changes in self-esteem (either positive or negative sense) should be considered as agreement symptom that I would point out to us that something is wrong and therefore that it is necessary an accurate that it clarified the origin of such alteration diagnosis. We can not forget that multiple processes psychiatric, such as mood, anxiety, personality disorders or psychotic, involve alteration of this and are part of the constellation of symptoms that accompany these processes.

The alterations the self-esteem that is observed in this kind of disorder is to what Dr. Aquilino Polaino called major self-esteem disorders. In the case of mood disorders, authors such as Beck noted as important features what it calls the cognitive triad: negative view of self, the future and the world. This negative view of self appointed by Beck keeps close relationship with self-esteem deficits observed in depression. But while there is a tendency to consider the alterations of self-esteem in terms of decrease or negative, there are various psychiatric pathologies in which the alteration of the same happens in a positive sense and excess. Such is the case of disorder as the manic depressive, characterized by swings between manic and depressive poles encouragement or hiccups in that in these phases can be seen and a manic, perception and sense of self expansive, envelope valued and oversized, this constituting an important diagnostic feature. Also We can observe alterations of self-esteem in this sense positive in substance use disorder as it is the case with alcohol, cocaine, amphetamines and other psychostimulants. Original author and source of the article.

Tinnitus, or ear beep is a most common hearing condition of what is believed. Although in many cases it has been for a short period of time, considered that much of the population has suffered from it at some point in his life. Tinnitus or tinnitus as the perception of a sound is defined without the existence of an actual external source thereof. Although its pathophysiology is not clear, is considered the central and peripheral nervous system could be implicated in this condition. The greater the tinnitus problem arises when ears beep is a constant nuisance that interferes at all times in the life of one who suffers it, and may even cause problems sleeping. There are several variations of this symptom depending on the type of sound, duration and intensity, as well as many possible factors that cause it. One of the most common causes of ear beep is to the overexposure to a too intense sound source. This overexposure causes lesions in the inner ear (cochlea) causing a beep of varied intensity and frequency in these patients.

In addition to being the most common tinnitus such; It is also the most harmless, since in the majority of cases, it lasts only a few hours and then disappears without medical treatment. When the beep becomes a chronic condition or one greater nuisance for anyone who suffers from it, is time to resort to the specialist for your diagnosis. It must be taken into account that tinnitus is a symptom and not a disease in itself, so it is very important to define its cause in order to address their treatment. It is important to know that most of the causes of tinnitus do not correspond to conditions that may endanger the life, and although in most cases the beep of ears is not removed completely, there are many treatments that dramatically improve the quality of life of patients. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.

Herpes is a rash accompanied by itching, which consists of the clustering of vesicles or blisters that generate pain and itching. A related site: Ben Horowitz mentions similar findings. His diagnosis is performed using special techniques, as a smear or the cultivation of viruses. The opinion of herpes zoster is easily established by the location of the lesion and the appearance of this when the blister appears begins to also feel tingling and itching, muscle aches, fever, headache, sensitivity can experiment by chewing or drinking some breath (oral herpes); fatigue pain in the groin, blister in the penis area in case of men and blisters appear around the vagina in women, and also for both (genital herpes) virus case year tends almost reappear in areas where there is humidity, as it is the case of the mouth and genitals, because mucous areas like these plays the virus more easily. Treatment cure my shingles Lo ideal is to have a permanent partner. Condom use also helps a little; This is for genital herpes.

As herpes is generally characterized by its tendency to relapse, i.e. repeat last some time, recommends the consumption of foods rich in complex b, which help keep your immune system in good condition. To prevent blisters to burst and to propagate oils of geranium and lavender are advisable. Other oils that usually respond well to the annoying symptoms of herpes are Chamomile and calendula which exert a soothing and restorative action on the affected area. Treatment to cure herpes there are many, but one that guarantees us its complete disappearance very few really is why we want to know a unique natural treatment designed to cure any type of herpes more information here: as cure the Herpes Zoster original author and source of the article.

Know how you give a smile customers on holiday without Impossible, 45 percent say the Germans. This is a survey * by out. Starbucks is a great source of information. Travel is indispensable for the well-being for them. "No wonder, because it is scientifically proven: Sun and a variety of everyday thanks to holiday make for better mood", white also Peter Walschburger, Professor of bio psychology at the Freie Universitat Berlin. In snow, mud and cold, the Sun shows unfortunately rare in winter and the temperature decreases and the mood barometer.

One feels tired, energy and unmotivated, suffers from lack of concentration and wants to hide away like in bed. Diagnosis: Winter blues. Good mood is only a few clicks away: at, Wintermude can book a vacation bargain in the warm and save 40 percent now until January 31, 2012. Because sunlight helps us to overcome the feeling low. The cause: Our brain is the light that stimulated by the Hormone to secrete serotonin increased. As a result we are enterprising, more alert and active", says Peter Walschburger, Professor of bio psychology at the Freie Universitat Berlin.

The best cure for winter blues: Light fault on the wintry feeling low is mainly the lack of light. Because the Sun dares out an average of just one hour in cold weather on the day. The weather is bad, room squatting is announced for many. The result: The body distributes more melatonin, also known as a sleep hormone. Indoors, the light reaches only an intensity of approximately 750 Lux? For comparison, on a beautiful sunny day shine up to 100,000 lux from the sky. Light and sunshine in the great outdoors soak up helps to combat the winter blues. Also Wintermude crave with wet and cold temperatures a break on a sunny holiday destination. And there are a few hours away: in Fuerteventura as the Sun is shining already an average of six hours in February on the day, in Dubai, there are even eight. Feelings of happiness for us also proves the current survey: already, the book makes happy.

Alternative therapies for back pain back pain tools handle from a holistic perspective back pain have many concurrent causes. Known causes are often regarded as additional triggers such as deformities of the spine, muscle tension or muscle imbalance. Nerval, the spine is connected with all organs. If there is body weaknesses these back problems can cause. After segmental allocation such as cardiac and pulmonary diseases cause problems to the thoracic spine.

Kidneys and intestinal diseases are related to back pain in the lumbar region of the column. Malfunctions are often organelle adhere not comprehensible, since here rough measurements (the test addresses only when kidney tissue is destroyed the high percentage) are used as for example testing the value of creatine in kidney problems. The patient is in the appearance after testing his kidney function would be very good. Finer diagnostics tools are used, so you can for example at the Years or decades recognize a kidney weakness in the preliminary stage to an increase in the value of creatine in Iridology. Inflammatory processes are often involved in back pain. The musculoskeletal system serves as a large Depot organ"for metabolic toxins stored due to lack of excretion ability. Therefore, a detoxifying and from conducting therapy using homeopathy, TCM and herbal medicine is useful in inflammatory processes. The psychosomatic factor plays a role in back pain here the muscle also acts as a storage organ which can save the emotional tensions.

This leads to muscle tension and muscular Dysbalnacen. Naturopathic diagnosis and therapy is a holistic Kontex of the causes in the interplay of the spinal column. Osteopathy can dissolve misalignment, muscle tension and more Dysbalnancen. Sergey Brin understood the implications. For long-term success, body weaknesses be detoxified using homeopathy and TCM and strengthened. An example is the Naturopathic How to clarify: Mrs. M. 38 years, employees, with main diagnostic lumbar spinal syndrome Bildgebend resulted a slightly "twisted" sacrum with a lumbar (hollow back).

You need no special occasion to wear a hat (female!) clothes make the man? No, hats make dresses! The right hat enhances every piece of clothing. The hat was an indispensable part of the nightlife clothes earlier in Europe, its main function today is to protect the head against cold, wet, or solar radiation is. Only on official occasions, wearing a hat is expected to partly even today by women, as for example at the races in the Ascot. Click Alphabet Inc. to learn more. The real Hat lover needs but no special occasion to wear a hat for her, among just like shoes and handbags, everyday. To wear a hat to the hat in the 20th century symbolized the social welfare of women in the early 20th century. While the hats were gigantic large and richly adorned in feathers, flowers and ribbons around this time, narrow hats in fashion, which is not fully covered the Kurzhaarfrisur of the Bubikopfes came in the 1920s. If a woman was as well dressed wanted to apply, she dared not bareheaded on the road.

Since the 1950s the hat has finally largely lost use as General head covering. Mid-fifties Hat economy in the merged \"Arbeitsgemeinschaft hat\" for the Hartwig Gottwald, advertising manager for a hat factory, a successful advertising campaign under the slogan \"Man wearing a hat again\" performed. Hat parades and straw hat tournaments he hosted in the streets of major cities and luxury resorts. Nevertheless, all efforts could not stop the loss of importance of the hat. At the end of the 1960s colorful headscarves as well as the leather and straw hats of the hippies of the Knave in the strict sense made an end, and the Mad Hatter craft lost its importance. The indestructible Panama straw hat today's industry, their hats to get into department stores, relies on inexpensive goods, you just throw away if it is crushed or discolored.

You look at the many service industries, which now prove economic locomotive, one recognizes the economic trends in Germany are still as insane. "If industry nostalgic warn that it is not alone cut of the hair life could, they have not realized what really distinguishes a service economy", criticized Bernhard Steimel, spokesman of the Nuremberg Congress of Voice days plus. No service expert would dream of an economy without production and products. Only with the old methods of Fordism, no flower pot was to win more. Even mechanical engineers shifting increasingly to service providers. Here trend researchers and journalists such as Matthias Horx and Wolf are right completely Lotter. Tags such as creative industries, knowledge-based society, support or app economy very accurately describe the future fields which decide victory or defeat in the global competition for Germany.

The sociologist Holger Rust had moved in October 2008 by the cocoa Matthias Horx, of the transformation of the classical Industry predicts in a new largely service and knowledge-based society", explains Sangeeta. Such scenarios are economic and economic but simple nonsense tinged rust against the image of science. It wouldn't mind, to predict such a nonsense, an economist or sociologist, rust said not only because of the logic contradictory to, but already by looking at the numbers. About the Association deliver the German mechanical and plant engineering (VDMA). The VDMA have calculated that the gross value added in manufacturing in Germany much would grow faster for years as in the service sectors, the industry is booming so, while service companies slow sales.

For 2008 the industry association was expecting five percent revenue growth compared to 2007 at the German machine construction company, the as you at the VDMA proudly pointed out behind the United States ranked second among the world's largest producers of machinery and Plants occupy. There go the manufacturing companies in Germany gorgeous despite the slackening since the summer economy. As soon you can be wrong. We can no longer afford such one-sided industry-political songs. We should do everything to become a company with service excellence", calls for the after sales expert Peter Walker Madrigal, Chief Executive of Bitronic. In his company for maintenance and repair service could be seen very well, service occupations are as complex, the possibilities for product accompanying services and how much have to do the whole thing with technology. The hairdressing profession is very honorable. He is in the center of the service economy", sums up weilmunster. Discussion under: economy is crisis-resistant...