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Overview, considerations, basic aspects. When we stop to read this writing because we must be clear in what attachment represents in our life, behavior, personal growth, probably we will be fully identified with its scope, discovered that both we know it handle or like this it makes it for us. However this time we stop to evaluate once again what it represents, its scope, its impact on our behavior, personality. In times in which we live, especially in the scenario where we operate, full of uncertainty, insecurity, mistrust, risk, in a very materialistic atmosphere of violence, fears, makes that attachment is manifested in several ways and that in negative cases, they can cause us psychological conditions that require treatment in order to be able to free ourselves from its serious consequences. As people are continually launching new relationships, which lead to stories of personal and interpersonal experiences that shape how we think and feel about those relationships and how we behave in them. It has recently been elaborated an attachment theory to explain these processes, basically the shape and the reason by which we establish our first relationships with significant people. The first to develop a theory of attachment was John Bowlby, in the year 1969 and subsequently revised in 1973 and 1980. This theory has helped to improve the understanding of personality processes and individual adults differences, since the division of the 3 types of attachment in children, according to the theory and research would have a correlation with important variables in adult life, as they are the characteristics of personality, the way in which we establish interpersonal relationshipsfeatures of cognitive and emotional processes. In this lies the importance of the study of attachment, because of this, knowledge allows us to explore different dimensions of human behavior. In brief we sought in traditional attachment theory developed by John Bowlby and Subsequently some evidence found in various studies on the relationship between styles of attachment and cognitive processes, interpersonal relationships, emotions and personality variables.

Children Mandalas help learn, focus and bring the little ones to rest. Mandalas originated in Buddhism and are circular images with geometric figures, their coloring has been proven to promote the concentration of children. In Indian culture mandala are the source of meditation - finally rendered the infinity of the cosmos in the circle-like shapes. Coloring a mandala can gather the thoughts of your child and come to rest, with no limits of creativity of the children should be used. Colored pencil paintings or even laying out the pattern by beads and coloured sand, parents should avoid strict regulations. It does not matter, what colors your child chooses or if certain parts are - not painted only should attention be paid to a possible calm atmosphere without distraction through music or television.

Most of the children are quickly fascinated by the patterns and will discover mandala as a new hobby for himself. Educators suggest as abstract shapes like heart, star or squares within the Mandalas, because specific patterns such as, for example, animal forms can negative impact on the concentration of coloring. Also, you should not interpret the finished mandala or squeeze them on a deeper meaning: A mandala defies in its originally religious use always the interpretation. Parents can give their creative artists but the note always one direction - from the outside or from the inside out to paint the mandala. So, the effect of the internal to the peace agreement is amplified in your child. A passionate artist inside every child and Mandalas are dealing with paints and painting techniques. The forms recurring in a mandala onto children of which ultimately parents will benefit from a pleasant rest.

New from the PR agency PR4YOU Berlin PR agency PR4YOU, which successfully operates for three years for the Yoga Festival in Berlin, further expanding their customer base in this area and supports the Yoga Vidya e.V. in the field of press and public relations since July. The Yoga Vidya e.V. was founded in 1995 by Diplom-Kaufmann Volker Bretz in Frankfurt am Main and counts today with Europe's largest Yoga seminar providers. The Club maintains three major conference centres: In the Lippe bad Meinberg, in the Westerwald and in Horumersiel on the North Sea. There 6 Club yoga centers in various German cities with a total of 160 full-time employees. Nationwide Vidya about 50 more yoga centers closely cooperate with yoga. Each year lead to new partners.

Prospective buyers can choose from more than 1,600 seminars and courses around the themes of Yoga and meditation, but also Ayurveda, holistic health and spiritual life are offered. More than 6,000 participants and participants have also already Yoga teacher training at Yoga Vidya completed and pass on their knowledge in own courses. PR4YOU has convinced us with their expertise and experience", explains Inca Aichinger, team leader of the exhibition area and public work of the Yoga Vidya e.V. which has the necessary press contacts, which we systematically communicate our current topics can Agency. We look forward to our cooperation." More information about the Yoga Vidya e.V.

are available in the Internet at. Detailed information about the PR agency PR4YOU are available at. Additional press materials of this press release: you can download in the online Pressefachern another quick and easy image and text material for free use: press compartments/pr4you press compartments/yoga-vidya contact for questions regarding this press release:

The choice of chandeliers, as it may seem at first glance, a fairly simple process and to conduct it does not need any special knowledge or skills. Make no mistake - in order to select the really high-quality light source is necessary to know a lot of subtleties that determine the final choice. When choosing a must to pay attention to: Power Typically, power is equal to the total power of all the lamps that installed in a lighting unit. It is worth mentioning that the power should be chosen based on the fact, in what room it will be installed. For example, for such a room as a bathroom will be enough low-power Chandeliers (80-100 watts), but for a large spacious hall will need a powerful chandelier (150-300 W) that can illuminate every nook and cranny of this komnaty.Interer space and its volume is very important If you look at the suitability of this source light the interior of the room and whether he is able to cover it completely. The interior has a direct influence on the choice, as, for example, for the interior, executed in bright colors, fit low-powered chandelier - a range of colors capable of reflecting light rays are much stronger than the dark. On room size and much depends.

For example, for high space perfect fit large, massive chandeliers, while for buildings with low ceilings approach only, the so-called "chandelier-dish." Material and size of the lampshade Today, chandeliers can be made of various materials, among which the most popular are metal, glass, plastic and timber. The popularity of such materials lampshades among consumers is very easy to explain the fact that they're much easier to treat than the same silk or paper, and they are very durable, ognebezopasny and durable. That With regard to color shade, you should specify that it should be based on the use of a room, as well as the style of its decoration. Most "comfortable" and suitable for almost any room shall be considered as color shades as green, yellow and orange. The size of the lampshade is directly dependent on the size of the premises where installed this lighting fixture. For example, in a spacious room to hang a chandelier with large shade, but in a small room is recommended to hang chandeliers with just a little shade, otherwise it will only emphasize the small size of the room. To date, chandeliers on execution are divided into several main types: Classic, such lighting is most often performed by hanging, either with a rigid suspension.

This type of chandelier looks very good in rooms with high potolkami.Potolochnye - as if they are "pressed" to ceiling and can be made in the form of "plates", and in the form of small lamps. This form can be (it is worth saying that even "necessary") set in small rooms with low ceilings. It is worth noting that it is most convenient for Today, to buy lighting equipment in specialized online stores, the benefit of the proposals on the Internet abound. What to look for: - preferably to a online store chandelier was a real store, with specific address, with the routine of work and telephone - this confirms the fact that people are seriously engaged in the implementation of lighting, rather than resell someone else's product. r-moderat/'>Wendy Holman. - The number range, of course, the rate - than its more, the richer the selection and order us to potential buyers, it's easier to choose a specific, desired them Svetopribor.

LTE speed test and its use by the customers with rapid speed mobile Internet surfing, this would be a great thing. The users of smartphones, Tablet. PC BBs and notebooks with Webstsicks looking forward to the new year. The provider of Telecom, Vodafone and O2 announce the further expansion of the fast LTE network. So movies and music without can stutter soon not only fans of Internet in rural areas, which were previously slow DSL connections or even only analog approaches available, enjoy. Data rates of up to 100,000 kbit / s downstream, ensure in the cities on the way for a rapid development of Web page and extensive attachments are transferable in a few seconds.

How fast is the connection really and how can you optimize? With an LTE speed test as a user, you can find out what pace transfer the content from the World Wide Web. The data rates provided by the providers in Vista are the maximum speeds. The real possible values are not the least of Depending on, which together take an access point the wireless connection and the number of users. More transmitter and receiver units are set up, to be on the road more stable and faster surfing on the net. To improve performance measures can be make on their own, however. You live in the countryside and already on the phone with the phone you must reside in a certain room, so that the connection does not break down? Similarly, it will behave then with your mobile Internet access via LTE. With an external antenna, you could put this problem to tackle.

The accessories market in this respect already offers the necessary sure. This of course not only the stability of the data connection will improve, but also the amount of data that is transmitted and therefore the speed. You can then perform the direct comparison with the aforementioned LTE speed test. The comparison of the values with and without external mobile phone antenna gives you detailed info. For the year 2012 are on the part of major mobile operators planned extensive expansion. It aims to tap into the urban areas and the rural areas and to attract new customers.

Until August 6, with GrunHausEnergie win an iPod shuffle the electricity consumption of the world stands at 16,33 billion kilowatt hours per year. But how much power use German, Italian, English, Spanish or French? Who knows the answer can win six green iPod shuffle by GrunHausEnergie! Summer raffle on the blog by GrunHausEnergie of the iPod shuffle weighs only 18 grams. In terms of environmental compatibility iPod shuffle, other MP3 players is but clearly superior. The processed materials contribute to a low environmental impact and are very recyclable. In just 3 hours, the built-in lithium-polymer battery is fully charged and has a playback time of up to 10 hours. Six of the most powerful mini MP3 players from Apple is giving away GrunHausEnergie in his big summer contest in the blog. Power-saving tip: a simple USB connection to the computer enough recharge via USB for charging.

With the USB cable that came with the iPod shuffle can sparingly during the normal Computer use are loaded. A special power-saving tip is the shorter charging time 2 hours, which allows a battery life of 80% (or 8 hours of music playback). How music fans sparingly in other countries with the power consumption, is in the GrunHaus energy summer raffle to figure it out. There is information to the iPod raffle and many more saving tips at. Contact: GrunHausEnergie GmbH Wissollstr. 5-43 45478 Mulheim Ruhr telephone: 0800 664 88 04 fax: 0800 664 88 05 E-Mail: Web: of GrunHausEnergie: the GrunHausEnergie GmbH is the supplier for climate-friendly, ecologically sound, and certified green electricity at a fair price. GrunHausEnergie is a joint venture of Tengelmann Energie GmbH and the badenova AG & co. KG.

In the workmanship Resurrection (1872) Axe of Assis considers a romance that demonstrates to the controversies human beings and the development failed in the loving outcome between two personages, exactly being faithful the denomination of what it would be a romantic romance. This logic in addition, waited for the readers of the romantic style, a Axe the merit of innovator. Different of the traditional romantic molds, in which the loving relation of two personages is hindered of if materialize in virtue of external influences the couple, in Resurrection the romance of the protagonists Flix and Lvia, the biggest impediment occurs for internal, on factors the personality of the pair. In the romantic conception, adverse situations do not exist that cannot be surpassed by the love, however, for the personages protagonists, were necessary a primordial factor for the composition of the love, second a machadiana vision: the confidence. The impediment of marriage between Felix and Lvia if of accurately for the reliable lack.

Lvia already had passed for other loving disillusionments. Exactly for the unreliability and uncertainty, it decides that optimum for couple it is the end of the relationship. The young woman had science that its future would be delivers to a man of voluble personality and therefore, preferred to act for the reason giving end the relation. The constatao of the opinion of Lvia how much to the personality of Flix it is demonstrated in the end of the romance, therefore exactly after having lost loved its, it ahead does not acquire knowledge of its behavior solipso and liabilities of the life. In the third workmanship of Axe of Assis, Helena (1876), the protagonist, an orphan of humble origin that lives as aggregate, is disclosed as member of the family at the moment where the will of the advising Valley is opened. Helena, that although to occupy place of aggregate of the family she was not treated as a servant. .

How work time tracking simplifies life editors. As editor in Chief is not always easy has it, to keep his flock in the bridle. Editors come and go, as you know, whenever they want. Not for fun, but because the job requires it. More information is housed here: James Taylor. Finally, interviews must be conducted and researched things. Some employees that will be somewhat tedious with the manual hour records.Above all, because it often is not the time, to control everything. Some people solve it using a timesheet.

The editors enter their exact working time and leave everything in the Office in the evening. At the end, standing there as Chief and must enter all, and calculated. This is of course more than tedious. Especially a newsroom, where stress on the agenda. A time tracking can be much easier. For example with a time tracking software. Employees are starting to work, simply sign in to the system and be registered. How to log on is a matter of taste.

Via SMS, via the Internet, via a PC or by card. There enough ways for this system. In any case, it is easily and quickly. The SMS version is good in any case, if you travel a lot. No overtime go a flute. Even if it is done in the middle of the night with the work, everything is recorded correctly. At the end of the month, the editor-in-Chief takes the record and is electronically calculated everything. No laborious typing is more necessary. Why, the PC takes over after all all for one. Again, it has saved time and money. Also, the editor is pleased. The fee is faster on the account and overtime are also taken into account. Oral agreements it can happen, that any hours lost. That would be of course a pity. Therefore, a working time recording is convenient for everyone. Saves money, saves time. Andre Mahtani

The difference between an art and technique is that an art is something that arises from the inside and is expressed. However the technique is something that you can learn and develop even without that divine gift. The conquest is really something technical, and even more, you can convert it into an art after learning the technique. Then, the list of things that you must learn to convert your technique in the art of seduction that you want. It is not always what you say but as what dicesLas women say it often but we don't pay attention to this secret. A correct tone of voice, the right time to say it, a smile before or after it, see it directly to your eyes when you say and a phrase such as tea master is the most romantic poem that she has never heard before.

Trafficking in tell I love a woman that you've been 2 minutes of knowing and you'll see your reaction (inappropriate moment), or trafficking tell women that sales over the last 3 months I love while you look towards the ground and you laugh out loud, it is likely to think that lie. Uses the Imaginacionpuedes paint a world with just words, and she falls have that power to take her to places that she does not know. USA that imagination to create stories that she has not heard and that are fun, so she will relate fun with seeing you or listen to you. Is divertidoProbablemente to think that it is easier to say what that do it, but the truth is that if you think you're not funny is because you know that it is fun, so you can add or remove things to your behavior to show that definition that you have fun. Check the page that I recommend at the end with some tips on how achieve that goal. Controls the Situacionlas women love power in all its forms, if you manage to control something and show it, are manifesting your power. That includes controlling yourself; control how to talk; or prove that you control, not me poorly cast, I'm not saying you're a driver or possessive, I mean that she thinks that that desire to see you is sample that has already fallen in your network. Simple as that thou things you decide the date and time of the appointment, or the place you will go; the appointment, follow your plan, and is a somewhat more elaborate plan than: eat out there and going to the cinema.

Defines the image that you want to transmitirNo try to be all at once, and do not let your self-criticism you become nobody. Defines what you want to see women when see you and you listen, what image you want to remember it later when they talk with their friends. If you can reach each of these points, you'll be an artist because you've transformed your own work of art; If not clear you how to achieve this goal, or want to take a shortcut rather than try and improve each one separately, you must see this site: see site that shows you in a simple way and with step by step how turns a man into a seductive discovering what lacks, is fast, easy to implement into your day to day and you will be amazed of the results in just one week.

Energy crisis, financial crisis, are all a term, the sun always seems and brings good money Kufstein/Tirol - ZARO Biotec develops, researches and products since 1997 with the biological photon radiation energy with a big market success. Water and Sun, this is the basis of all earthly life, people, animals, plants need both these basic building blocks for an optimal function of all life structures. At the beginning of the year 2009 the company is, the range to another promising segment to expand, clean, organic energy of House and home, and in the near future to drive electric vehicles. The global financial crisis, has been also a drive to make renewable energy a fundamental pillar in the product range. Because if now financial systems, banks, industrial companies facing insolvency, it needs new ways to remain economically successful. Follow others, such as Electrolux, and add to your knowledge base. Thousands of financial brokers, agents and brokers in the financial business (approx.

300,000) are facing the financial Ruin. These are highly trained financial experts in worst depression, falling, because they no longer know how today and tomorrow to feed their families. For these people there is no stimulus packages", so Antony zaidi, spokesman for ZARO Biotec in Tyrol. We played long with the idea to go into solar energy, photovoltaic (solar power) has now become a sustainable business idea. What was missing so far, was the right partner, but we have taken this hurdle and customers can now offer a complete power over the ever-shining sun. That means the customer with the correct ' roof will receive everything from a single source, that starts feeding into the grid with the free roof analysis, evaluation, consulting, and a systematic process of financing, delivery, installation, commissioning, to continuous maintenance. Everything from one source, all at a price that everything optimally matched, with an innovative, modern and professional marketing concept.

Our range is very well suitable for advisors in the financial sector, because it to settle financing also applies to our photovoltaic systems, and for this, these experts are exactly the right. Those looking for a modern, independent activity, to survive in this difficult economy algae, is with us, of course we train also career changers, so zaidi in conversation. Every crisis is also an opportunity. Germany is the largest market in Europe for renewable energy by appropriate legislation at the moment, but countries such as Austria and various EU Member States will follow in a few months. There must always be a real crisis, then what has changed, unfortunately we are as people, without collapse, nothing happens here "!" We are talking here about a multi million market, how many roofs have we? How many facades? Power fun makes warm, light, music and colorful images and the Sun has enough light for a few million years, with the right financing, a solar system costs the customer zero euro. And who knows what it can be worth in the crisis years to produce its own electricity,"concluded so zaidi. Do you your own power could so be a reasonable exchange. Or it is otherwise expressed in the demise of greedy, fleams, concepts of debt, a hopeful force about new systems of survival to think about ideas that ensure quality of life. The Sun is a successful system for billions of years, for intelligent people it can become a successful business model with a future, a future which is their presence in the here and now. Photovoltaics makes intelligent people rich! sonnenenergie.html Info: Antony Zettl Prof. Dr. Anton Kathrein str., 3 A-6342 Niederndorf/Tirol