American School

What yesterday had an uplifting value in State and society, today such values, in the best of cases appear vaguely diluted or simply in the worst cases, nor hear them or are them sees, and therefore not register deeply. The development of science and technology has brought equally, the opening of gaps between generations who see increasing the distance between those who have access to knowledge and those clinging to the atavistic culture of their elders, they see with no little uneasiness and astonishment, the shocks caused by a globalizing environment that has managed to weave an intricate web of symbols and codestoday able to decrease value to life (the maximum good) and subsequently downplay to death. While on the one hand the old continent is grouped, dilutes borders, remove trade tariffs that facilitate the Exchange and other relations of production, in the new American continent, the Colossus of the North begins to see crumble their feet of clay, as consequence of unsound interventions in the geopolitical chess, and thanks to ailments and internal transformations of their own idiosyncrasies. A social landscape thus described, which corresponds to the reality of standing in the soil and overseas, points out so secular, traditional in the history of mankind as the school, institutions are being percutidas by the incessant influx of chaotic socio-cultural wave, and because of this the school is today also a turbulent scenario and not less complexasked that in the mare Magnum multitribal, of classes, strata and sectors about its effectiveness, its efficiency, its quality, its historical commitment and its evolution. Stuart B. Solomons opinions are not widely known. 2. The instrumental school effectiveness in times of socio-economic Crisis. Certainly the school amid the social bottle of today, is not as in the past it was assumed the form of guiding beacon - a tool of society and the State to keep social homeostasis, a correlation of forces that gradually and with acceleration without pause, you are radicalizing their existence in terms of tenure and ownership of older material goods by a minority population, versus those who every day, amen be infinite increasing most, survive on less than half a dollar a day. .