Brazil Certificate

Your certificate of Brazil, however, contends that district was born on November 25, 1960, in Sao Paulo Mooca. Brazilian law requires that a mayor who was born in Brazil. Uruguay investigations have found links between the Arab countries and the Lebanese mafia mafia that operates in Sao Paulo, in relation to drug trafficking. According to the Chief of police of the province of Rocha de Uruguay, by 200 kilos of cocaine were hidden in Chuy and were smuggled to Europe through the port of Montevideo. The confidential nature of the Federal Police (PF), the document establishes that the money obtained from the sale of the product will be used to finance international terrorism.

Venezuela suspicion of Hizbullah / cells of Al Qaeda in the island of Margarita as Maicao in Colombia, Isla Margarita (Isla Margarita) is known as a vacation spot for Orthodox Islamic. According to reports from management, 80 percent of employers in the island of Margarita, a Center tourist, where duty-free sales, are of Arab descent and came to Venezuela in the 1980s. There have been occasional reports of Islamic fundamentalists in the area. In 1996, according to the national, Caracas, Venezuela the Direccion de Servicios de Inteligencia y Prevencion (Directorate of services of intelligence and prevention-DISIP) discovered a cell of 15 members of the radical Muslims living in the tourist center of the island of Margarita. According to the aforementioned report of the DISIP, the cell includes Yousset businessman Farhat (possibly related to the clan). At the end of January 1997, the DISIP arrested two men of middle age-Wahid Mugnie and Ali-Makke in Porlamar, Margarita, allegedly members of Hezbollah. They had left Lebanon in early 1997, after having been denied entry visas by the Consulate of Venezuela in the Lebanon because of their alleged affiliation Hezbollah. He arrived in Buenos Aires on January 6, passes through Maicao 26 of January, and then, having obtained visas for foreigners, despite the Ministry's Re direction of Venezuela