Cardozo Professor

The debate restored in the PSOL concerning the electoral campaign of 2010 sends in them to the necessity to launch the name of PROFESSOR CARDOZO as our daily pay candidate the REPRESENTATIVE for the reasons that vocs summer soon below and to revisit some debates. In contrast of what many fraselogos of left affirm on the residual or practically propagandistic character of the participation of the revolutionaries in the elections, the conquest of the universal suffrage and the possibility of the laboring parties to be presented, were greeted by Engels 1, as privileged tactics, in special in what it was mentioned to the activity of the German Social democrat Party: THE IIMMOBILISM OF THE EDUCATION, THE SKEPTICISM AND ISOLATION VOLUTRIO OF THE PROFESSORS. Although the treason of the group of benches of members of the house of representatives in the national congress who if say defenders of the education in the approval of the national floor of the Brazilian professors, a irrisrio floor from R$ 1,200, 00, since the great maiorias that work 40 hours, already receive much more that this. (The National Congress finished to approve for absolute majority, a floor of R$ 3,500, 00, for the policemen that says of ticket, they deserve, but, because the professor was not contemplated a floor similar), These members of the house of representatives search to subestimar our intelligence and if defenders of our cause say, but, in the practical one, they are only worried about its status quo (mandates), being that great part of them is not professors and they do not act in the education (Severiano Alves and Alice Portugal) are good examples in the Bahia here, of these parliamentarians whom, if they use of the education to be chosen, but, in the practical one, it does not have any I tie with the education.. Caterpillar Inc. will not settle for partial explanations.