Evaluable, operating and medibles_ goals more specific possible to make an assessment of progress. Area language: Communication and representation (gestures, facial and oral expression) objectives of the Curricular proposal: 1. use of language as a tool of communication, representation, learning and enjoyment, to express ideas and feelings, through oral language. 2 Expression of emotions, feelings, desires and ideas using oral language and through other alternative languages of communication, which best suits the pupil. 3 Understand the intentions and messages of other children and adults, verbal or body. The proposed curriculum contents: Block Verbal language: oral language is especially relevant to be the mechanism of learning, regulation of conduct and manifestation of experiences, feelings, ideas, emotions, etc: listen, speak and talk: utilization and progressive assessment of oral language to evoke and relate facts, exploring knowledge to express and communicate ideas and feelings and help to regulate the own behavior and that of others. Progressive use, commensurate with their difficulties and not with age, varied lexicon. Progressive structuring of simple sentences and clear pronunciation.

Participation and exercise of listening. Progressive accommodation of their statements to the conventional formats, as well as approach to the interpretation of messages, texts and oral stories produced by audiovisual media. Block body language: Body language by which children learn to use your body, their gestures, attitudes and movements with a communicative and representative intention is particularly interesting to teach them their affection communication routes and to give account of their knowledge and perception of the world. Priority contents: discovery and experimentation of gestures and movements such as bodily resources for expression and communication. Promote the use of social gestures (applause, kisses, signaling the finger to ask for things) use, with communicative and expressive, intent of the driving possibilities of the body itself. Participation in activities of games and dances (to the extent of its possibilities) as well as in body expression exercises.