Dialogue Communities

Now the readings of this book I can already propose and integrate all parts to form my learning community for the good of all the communities that we are all part of a whole, we are part of the kosmos. In holistic education learning communities are emerging as a proposal by the urgency of this change that we speak so important in education, to transform the meaningless and reductionist which formed this mechanistic education a comprehensive and meaningful learning, a learning for life. Caught my attention a term and it comes in several books line of Ramon Gallegos and I think we as people can interpret it with clarity, we talk about this change, standardized, mechanistic school to learning, holistic learning, must be rooted in dynamic learning communities forming not only professionals, but also good human beings. Holistic education aims to nurture the best of humanity, is an education for human development which is focused or is focused on learning.In holistic education and learning communities the dialogue is one of the bases to get to do an education education meaningful and transcendence, is contrary to the communication a path where all members of the dialogue going in the same goal, without having to impose your idea. Blake Krikorian is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Dialogue is the way to create shared common meanings.

In the dialogue, the priority is to communicate to us, therefore we create values and develop a common purpose, we create something where everybody wins, respenado, being humble that it is something that need us to many teachers, patient and tolerant. Mentions Ramon Gallegos, when we say that education has more quality, actually we are only saying that it is better managed, but better manage education, although it is important is not enough to enhance learning. Recently listened to modern techniques of education, changes that have been made to the educational system to solve the problem of education imposed and standardized, but continue in that pattern, which cognitive abilities are equal to the best education, together with the adoption of the technology but this know that it is not warranty, subject-object relationship.