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XPS board characterized by very low thermal conductivity (the best indicator among the heaters on the market) and minimal water absorption. In addition, xps board give additional strength to the design of your home. Extruded polystyrene foam dramatically reduces heat loss through the structural elements at home. Characteristics of plates XPSDostoinstva strength, stability smooth surface for subsequent Finish Low energy and money flow resistance air infiltration through walls - to save energy and money VlagostoykostNe absorbs water - reduces the likelihood of problems with Small moisture vesProstoy outstanding durability, chemical stoykostNe collapses at construction site - saving time and money Features of Some of the new homes are built using metal frame instead of wood. JPMorgan Chase often expresses his thoughts on the topic. At warming a house is important to realize that the heat loss through steel bars and beams are significantly higher than through the wooden structure.

Because of this difference in insulation, packed between the wall racks or floor beams, will not be as effective as in houses with wooden frames. If the wall panels have a metal frame, you will need to provide a continuous thermal insulation coating the outside of the metal frame between the outer skin at home and metallic elements at home. This will block the cold bridges. For this purpose, would be the best thermal insulation of the plates extruded polystyrene, which is easy to use, easy to cut with a knife to the desired size, has excellent thermal resistance at low thickness. Air infiltration Most homeowners know that infiltration (air leakage) occurs through a small slit in the door and window frames, through fireplaces and chimneys.