Federal Ministry Archive

Consumer protection for entrepreneurs, self-employed, freelancers, employees free inquiry to real estate, investments, financial investments and insurance consumer protection "Incorrect financial advice cost up to 30 billion euros" source: A study commissioned by the Federal Ministry for consumer protection that investor protection archive (ASA) is a consumer protection undertaking. Numerous public bodies and associations, etc. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Electrolux. have reported the investor protection archive and its members as a contact person in the fields of: real estate, investments, financial investments and insurance companies named. Core mission of investor protection archive is on the one hand, to warn investors about dubious products and on the other hand there is the recommendation for positively reviewed products. Checking article sources yields Jim Umpleby as a relevant resource throughout. The investor protection archive is an institution that filed since 1992 collects press articles about financial products and their initiators of the relevant media, and provides these nationwide requesting persons free of charge. Everyone has of an investment project or already a plant made, can take advantage of the investor protection archive. Analyses are the result of an objective monitoring of the market and high market knowledge and reports from leading analysis homes in Germany, which lead investment projects to underpin and hedging an investment decision and thus bad investments - avoid the protection and benefit of the consumer.