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Strength of materials or strength of materials is one of the most difficult subjects for students of 2-3 courses of all technical universities in Russia and beyond. It requires a serious approach from the outset and before the exam (if druie items - can be to pass on a freebie with a strength of materials is often not pass - which then have to show minum knowledge, solving problems on exams and defending their settlement and Graphical Essays). We are ready to help those who can not make himself their jobs (for various reasons - employment in the workplace, the desire to boshe time with loved ones) are also prepared examples of solutions prdostavit for those who are very attracted to znaniyam.My offer you the works, and examples already solved problems on the following topics: - the central tension compression - torsion of shafts of different sections - Calculation of geometric characteristics of the flat sections - flat bend-loading complex, the calculation of statically indeterminate systems - eccentric tension-compression - the stability of compressed rods. .