Harry Truman

Many democrats blame republicans that, although speaks to force the women to continue with pregnancies that do not want, stimulate the culture of the death because they are champions of the capital punishment and the free sale of rifles. These last ones, however, retrucan that they are more serious in attacking the crime. The republicans are a redoubt of the Christian congregations (especially those of pietista type and mormones) that call to that God and the bible dominates the political, moral and cultural scene, or to that in the schools is taught that the humans descend from Adam and not from simio. The Biblical fundamentalism has been impelled by Bush to resist to the Islamic one. However the agnostics and sectors more pro-science feel more comfortable with the democrats. 70% of the Jews and usually (although not always) the liturgical Christians (like the catholics, episcopal or Lutheran Germanic) usually vote democratic. If you would like to know more about Howard Schultz & Associates, then click here. After the wars against The Qaeda the Muslim community, traditionally preservative, has been alienated of the republicanism to prefer to his competition. In external policy the republicans have characterized themselves for being more duros and interventionists.

There they support to have invaded Iraq without venia of United Nations and the present strategy of Bush. The democrats criticize to them so that its unilateralism is flooded to them in that war, have made them lose allies and have caused that To the Qaeda advance in followers and action. The democrats, although they raise to restore the international image of his country, previously have been very interventionist. They are whom they led to his country so that she enters, against an initial strong internal opposition, to fight in the two world wars. Harry Truman, estor democratic President in 1945-53 and of NATO and cold war, entered the Korean War without formal support of the congress. With the democratic administrations of Kennedy and Johnson (1961-69) the war of Vietnam is accentuated and the failed invasion was sent to Cuba, in whose conflict almost the first nuclear war explodes.