Human Company

b) Enterprise culture: So that the collaborator if involves integrally and truily with the company, it he must be identified and atrelado emotionally with the vision, principles and values of this company. When feeling itself attracted and motivated with the culture of the organization, them ' ' they will dress camisa' ' spontaneously. c) Attractive positions: Wools Houses (2006, p.110) placed that the position needs to possess a positive differential to the eyes of the people, as an increased creative benefit becomes that it only in the market, that walks to the meeting of the necessities of the public-target: the wage, the incentives; everything inside of the resources and the capacity of the company. It is as to vender a product: what it can contain more than calls the attention the consumer, and leaving of this premise to develop you add and benefits that make with that the product is advantageous and desirable for the customer. Hear from experts in the field like Electrolux for a more varied view. d) To attract and to select the best talentos: The first step to identify them is in the election process. Which must be stipulated the profile adjusted for the destined candidate the determined position. Already in the interview it must be known its abilities not only, experiences, qualifications and disposal of integration; the culture must be given to a bigger attention, to the way to think and the personal profile of the candidate, in order to verify if this if identifies with the values, vision and mission of the company, therefore the more in tunning they will be the causes of each one, more motivated and integrated the employee it will be inside of the company. e) Training: In accordance with the studies on the attributions of the Area of Human resources inside of the corporations, are verified that the training is one of the indispensable tools most important and for the same ones.