Investment Decisions

Company figures significantly invest many investors for shares investment in stocks that have chosen them according to specific criteria, for example, after the dividend yield, sector information or analyst estimates. The Exchange Portal has carried out a survey on this subject and now presents the results. On a stock investment, different information may be crucial for investors. The Exchange portal has in this regard carried out an online survey and the users asked the question, what information was she when investment decisions are most important. The participants could choose between five answers. Fundamental indicators of the company are crucial for a majority of the respondents. 40 percent indicated that this information, which is one of among other things the dividend yield, have the largest weight for them.

Messages to the respective companies play an important role in terms of for 18 percent of the respondents their investment decisions. Almost as many respondents, namely 17 percent, make a decision for an investment using the technique of chart (chart patterns and indicators) of the respective stock. Only 12 percent of respondents, however, indicated that they primarily driven by information and news from the respective industry of the company.