It Is Time to Analyze the Information

This is understandable, this information is collected randomly, haphazardly, to 90-95% of its are not statements of no interest to competitors. In addition, it takes a long time to analyze this information. Nevertheless, this method is used very widely, because of its simplicity. Eavesdropping of telephone conversations is more common. It is implemented in the following ways: - Through microphony phone - By connecting to the contact link - By contactless telephone line connection - using the phone radiozakladok - a so-called high-frequency 'imposition'. It is important to note that not only can eavesdrop on fixed phone lines, but also negotiate radiotelephone, including a cellular system.

It all depends on which method of listening and using what equipment is carried out. In addition, you can eavesdrop on conversations in the rooms or in cars with preset radiozakladok ('bugs', 'bugs') or miniature tape recorders. Those and other camouflaged under a variety of subjects, details of clothing, household appliances, lighting fixtures, etc. For example, we know listening device, mounted in a wall nail three versions - a length of 1.5 cm and 3 cm and 4 cm in general, the number of models of listening and recording speech technology devices available on the market, not be enumerated. With their help you can receive, amplify, purify and record any conversations (including the ongoing whisper or the sound of flowing tap water) is sufficiently clear and reliable. There are also more complex methods of eavesdropping, for example, by laser irradiation of glass panes in the room where being 'interesting' conversations.

Or by sending radio waves, forcing 'respond and say' details radios, televisions, wall clocks and other household appliances. However, these methods require complicated and rather expensive equipment, so use them in economic espionage seldom. In general, the threat economic espionage to your company is big enough threat to your business, and to neutralize this threat can only be professionals. Agency specialists economic security fort conduct a full survey of your office equipment for the presence of covert data acquisition, will check personnel, including the use of polygraph, will offer other services for the integrated provision economic security of your business.