Leipzig Specialties

Each Leipziger knows the Leipziger Allerlei, the Lark and the Gose its culinary specialities. Who but doesn't matter whether privately or on business travel, which should miss three specialties of the Saxon city never to visit in the city of Leipzig. First, The Leipziger Allerlei. Served often as a supplement the Leipziger Allerlei is a main dish that consists of various vegetables but actually. The ingredients include peas, asparagus, carrots, and mushrooms (Morels).

Certain variants of the Allerleis supplemented often kohlrabi, cauliflower or beans. The original Leipziger Allerlei but also a non-vegetable ingredient, namely River crabs, cancer butter and also guineafowl. According to legend, there is the Court since the beginning of the 19th century. After the Napoleonic wars it wanted to protect the city thus from beggars and tax collectors. Their intent was, that this if you serve them only vegetables and never meat is certainly soon fled a second in other cities After the rumblings is the so-called Leipzig Lark, a pastry specialty, you should necessarily cost in Leipzig, perhaps. It is a variant of the macaroon tart, consisting of pastry, almonds, nuts and Strawberry Jam. It was invented in 1876, when the catching of birds in the city of Leipzig has been banned. It was common and considered birds to eat delicacy (especially on holidays).

According to legend, the Leipzig Lark as a replacement for the no longer munching songbirds should be. As a third culinary speciality a drink may not be missing. The Gose is a special top-fermented beer that you like to drink in the area around Leipzig. The Gose is originally from Goslar in the Harz mountains. The beer is already detectable in the 14th century. The production was set in the 19th century and until resumed in the early 1990s. Since it will be served in the area around Leipzig and Dresden as a local specialty, you should not miss if you visit, for example in the company of an escort Lady in Leipzig are. If you plan to come to Leipzig alone and would like to have a nice accompaniment on your page that shows you the city, goes to dinner with you and you drink a couple of glasses gose, please escort Leipzig in any case. You will not regret it!