Life Work

The agreement on the Quality of Life and the work took the great changes and innovations, the worker left of being enslaved to participate in the best possible way of the society. The difficulties with the occupational health had together with come the industrial growth and the technology by means of many working fights and through the laws to change the vision of the work that stops much age sacrifice, something laborious. The Programs of Quality of Life in the Work had come to change this vision of discomfort that was the work improving the health and preventing illnesses, and with it not only came the participation of the workers but also of the employer, director, leader and in general command and together some on professionals to area of the health of the work earning space, Therefore with the necessity of the companies if to become more competitive in the market came to the incessant search of the total quality. Following this total quality also the QVT appeared, that is focused in the human potential and the way that coexists in all the directions. An adequate program of QVT searchs an organization humanizada and provides conditions of personal development to the individual. Words keys: Motivation human being, Quality of life in the work, Questions human beings. INTRODUCTION Currently each time more is observed that the condition human being in the work becomes one of the concerns of the managers and the quality of life of the diligent one passes to be dealt with bigger zeal in the organizations.