Love In Italian

Italy, I think the most romantic country in the world. They say that 70% of the world's masterpieces in this wonderful country. Italians are experts at many things. Everyone has heard the phrase 'Italian food', 'Italian Fashion', 'Italian shoes', 'passion in Italian', 'Italian opera', even 'the Italian Mafia', it seems, we also know more about Soviet films. Italy itself is also associated with such words as 'romantic', 'style', 'art' 'Fashion'.

As a small country has gone in so many interesting, beautiful and unsolved? Despite the love for food, sights, the Italian economy, even in times of crisis remains one of the strongest in Europe. Now this 'highlight' of Europe is available direct flight from Ufa. Moscow Travel perceived benefit trends and now winter in January, several air charter will fly into Italy from Ufa. The cost of these tour packages, such that much more profitable to fly from his native city, than join such tours departing from other cities. January - the period of sales in Italy, this time you can buy brand-name items are absolutely all makes of superskidkami. If, however, still go to discount shopping - centers not located in major cities and in provinces where rent is cheaper, you can save considerably on the new garderobe. you travel!