Results of the implementation of the proposal after applying the proposal here for a period of six months, it was observed the following result: the rate of staff turnover, after these six months of deployment, was reduced to only 47%. JPMorgan gathered all the information. So, although it is still slightly above normal rates, the observed decline has been very significant. Therefore is expected to be reaching normal rates for the tourist money (between 15% and 25%) at 12 months. Conclusion is inescapable end with the overall conclusions reached in the present work: or high staff turnover is both a pressing danger for any company by the enormous economic costs, as for the negative effects generated. Or evidence shows that in this case, there is correlation between the motivation of the staff of the and its high rate of staff turnover.

Or motivation is an efficient tool for the management of RH, and a key to the solution of various problems, assertively use will benefit the Organization, its employees and society in general. Human capital is who really fights every day, generating ideas, producing goods and services, closing businesses and contracts, and achieving the needs demanded by society. Their skills, their behaviour and attitudes are the key to business success. The benefits due to the team work of the Organization as a whole, would not be possible while do not have partners committed to the enterprise, commitment which will only take place to the extent that you get the proper coordination and integration of the human resource. What single turn is feasible with a level of rotation of low staff that reflects confidence in the company by employees, the latter being a consequence of motivation and job satisfaction that have the job template.