Marketing Magazines

Advertising in the paper media - this report to a targeted audience of advertising information on the brand, service, or product to promote any product through print media (magazines, newspapers). Advertising a type is the most studied and most widely used. In case of proper tagging right choice logs can achieve high efficiency of this advertising. Magazine or newspaper - it is a unique carrier information. Unlike television and radio, potential consumers will read the ads only on their own, but at the same time reading the information is not limited.

In such advertising does not principle of 'imposition': consumer, studying the information voluntarily, does not feel the pressure on himself, which greatly increases the effectiveness of advertising. Everything happens very subtly: the person over a cup of coffee flipping through the magazine, his view of 'clinging' to the necessary information, he examines it, analyzes and makes the choice. This chain is very important to first 'hook' and then as long as possible to hold the attention, but it is certain features advertising concept. Russia in general and in particular in Kamchatka today offer advertisers a wide range of different publications, both thematic and general. This makes it possible to place advertising in print publications with a thematic targeting, in addition, you can choose the most appropriate category.

Fashion magazine - the best advertising medium in terms of outreach. He periodically goes from hand to hand, these magazines are in the beauty salons, health clubs, barber shops, private clinics, saunas and other public places so that visitors can something to occupy themselves in anticipation. Choosing the magazine for placing the advertising information advertiser in the first place, drew attention to the topic of the magazine. If we talk about a region such as Kamchatka, there is the most urgent aspects of social life which are of most interest to readers, it elections on the Kamchatka Peninsula, economics, politics, news, etc. The magazines that cover such topics can be quite successfully publish advertisements about various products aimed at a broad audience. If the main Scope of the Journal is a fashion, beauty and health, the list of advertised products will be slightly narrower (jewelry, perfumes, shoes, clothing, cosmetics, etc.), but getting it to its target customer increases. Careful attention should be paid to the quality of the newspaper or magazine, where an advertiser wishes to publish the advertisement, because subconsciously, if not consciously, the level of publications associated with the level of the most advertised products. In this case, the question is, what quality of paper used, how professionally written texts, how effectively the funds OPI, as qualified perform the work photographers and more. Advertising in the press is the best in terms of their effectiveness and cost, it works especially well for certain groups of goods, allow advertisers to quickly recoup the cost of advertising. Publication of advertisements in the magazine will not do without the services of an advertising agency. It should help you choose the edition, to develop a strategy and the concept of advertising, prepare mock-ups and text, as well as directly address the placement of advertising information in the log.