Monterrey Director

For those who we came from the foreigner we found with a consistent academic formation, that in some facilitated us by the previous preparation which we brought of ours countries of origin, and of course for being few the participants in each class, dice to that it was a policy of Complexion, we always had the opening to talk with our educational ones stops to clarify the doubts that appeared us in the handling of our knowledge. When we withdrew besides counting on the up-to-date knowledge, we were guaranteed already of the prestige that the Complexion came cultivating and with our professional exercise we experiment that so well preparations we were in order knowing how to confront the challenges, to generate changes and everything what it guaranteed a performance to us in our positions. The authorities in charge of their development never neglected the growth and projection of the Complexion, until the end that announce a new organizational structure that will fortify the Technological System of Monterrey and it is conformed by 4 Institutions: Technological of Monterrey, TecMilenio University, Virtual University and Institutes and Medical Centers the Technological one of Monterrey is integrated by 31 campuses and 22 you soothe international, as well as its 2 National Schools of Posgrado: the EGADE Business School, and the School of Graduated in Public Administration and Poltica Pblica (EGAP). Like Director of the same, Ramirez Padilla (CP" designated itself to David Noel; 72, MA" 74), who will be supported by a team of 5 regional Directors, a Director of National Schools of Posgrado: EGADE Business School and EGAP, and 4 Vicerectores. The TecMilenio University, integrated by its 33 campuses, will continue under the direction of its Director, Hctor Mauritius Escamilla Santana (IAP" 81). The Virtual University, that in line develops and takes care of the courses and programs of professional and posgrado level; as well as the corporative, in line social programs and Prepanet, will follow headed by their Director, Patricio Lopez of the Port (ISC" 71, MA" 74).