Organization People Amp

Today in the world contemporary the organizations come having difficulty in itself to adapt in the new changes, the market not only demands in new technologies and also new techniques to manage. It exists a competition incited in the conquest of marked, companies searching new routes methods to gain the success and to reach its objectives. Plus this she will only be possible if they to change the focus for improvements continue innovations, products, customer and finally the profit, the company who not to establish this goal consequently will close the doors. The management consists of manages, direction and control of the company publish or private with or without lucrative ends. To analyze and to evaluate the objectives of the organization being mounted a strategical one thus aiming at the reach of the goals. As N3OBREGA (2004) to manage or to make the management is to become productive & lsquo; & rsquo; saberes& rsquo; of some fields of the knowledge and, thus to generate a result. The administration takes care of of the part of the human resources, financial and material congregated in organized, dynamic units with the focus in the reach of the objectives of the organization, also providing satisfaction those that get the product and services and the ones that execute the work. The manager must not only know the company more yes the way in which it this located, in this way it will only be able to tacar goals and strategies to reach the objectives. We pass now to a subject that to the times is forgotten, being ones of the tool of extreme importance for the success of any company, & lsquo; & rsquo; ORGANIZACIONAL& DIAGNOSIS; rsquo; & rsquo; to identify internal and external problems and decides them with effectiveness is difficult task for many organizations nowadays, they appears is passed by disregarded. All the one sectors necessary organization of specific cares to execute its functions, always appears problems in these areas, the sector of RH, Production, administrative and in others, if the same ones will not be decided the company can have enormous losses financially or even though in the credibility.