Permanent Commission

The objective of this study is to investigate of the performance of the commission of document evaluation in the scope of the assistance institutions the health of the Federal University of the Bahia, with special approach in the criteria adopted in the evaluation of the handbook of the patient, through study of case and direct comment intensive type interview. The study object is the units of health of the Federal University of the Bahia: University hospital Edgar Professor Saints (Clinical), Climrio Maternity de Oliveira and the Medical Service University Professor Rubens Brazil. In the first chapter they have it introduction of the research, evidencing the problematic one of the boarded subject, the adopted objectives, justification and procedures. In as the chapter it approaches the relative questions to the documentary management evidencing its origin, evolution, phases, concepts and documentary evaluation. The third chapter points the thematic one of the research, that is the handbook of the patient. It still approaches what service of medical archive and statistics and the permanent commission of document evaluation. Finally, contextualiza the case study, telling a little of the description of the searched units and the results of the research.