The Pirate Party has a Nazi problem? "I recognize that we have a Naziproblem with the pirates.", was this week in the blog of the Berlin land Chairman of the "pirates"-party read Hartmut Semken. "At this time was Semken already prompted by other pirate members to resign was because he is not sufficiently clear against Nazis", specifically against rechtsradikales, antisemitistischen ideas and corresponding opinions within the Pirate Party border off. Also from the ranks of the established parties, such was to be heard. What's going on? Is the Mai'sche garden Nazi Reinhard (you might recall) mutates to the pirates Nazi? By Nazis and pirates is, that among the members and functionaries of the Pirate Party former members of the NPD are, quite obviously just have a "change of attitude" behind him. Also, it failed just a party exclusion proceedings against Bodo Thiesen who in 2008 was to hear with approval of the theses of a convicted Holocaust denier. Even more problematic for the Pirates are the appearances of the dazzling member of Dietmar MacLeod, who spoke recently in his weekly video blog from the pirate flag from the "world Jewry". There are other cases of this kind with the pirates, therefore the diagnosis of the Nazi problem seems true first of all in the party.

Opportune is a right margin? This Nazi problem is not surprising for a party that deliberately avoids any hurdles to the party membership - how was - already often rightly commented. Read additional details here: Slingbox. Even apart from that, whether it is politically not - unfortunately - opportune if afford a right of a new party, but is the current question, as the pirates deal with its Nazis. Within the party are clear to make two camps. A push for clear absence / exclusion, others, like just Semken, would basically "all people talk to" and prefer to deter unwanted right settings formulate "program applications and positions" that "not able to withstand real Nazis". Muzzle motion in the Bundestag the latter -may be faced with the real "Nazi danger" for the party - naive and perhaps rightly. But there is actually the underlying conviction that party politics has a substantive dimension, with the pirates.

And it is Nazi issue, political incompetence here, the only reason for the success of the party. Just this week was to read at a request of the Bundestag group tips, how to deal in the political positions different rows of the other parties with content motivated debate and - horribile dictu -: you wanted from their own ranks, who himself had recently married, to speak in the Bundestag against the unsuspecting belang - ruckgrat - and unfortunately also too often blah to the debt crisis in the future by rules of procedure amendment summarily ban the word. The Pirate Party may have a Nazi problem she have to solve. Considering that the laity charade with Verdummungs automatic complete federal policy is degenerated, it may be silent about the in party headquarters. Andreas Kellner...