State Dogs

Resulted Afora of inhibition fact of that presence of the police dogs favors the surrender doPEC, to the measure that this is afraid to be mordido.' ' (VALLE, 2009, p.13) It is opportune to detach that aaplicabilidade of the self-moving tooth is limited against only one causer dacrise for tactical teams and perimeter, basically, for signal is the suanica limitation. ' ' Thus, exactly in the tactical assault, that constitutes the alternative of bigger degree deletalidade, the dogs allow that the PEC is neutralized, sendouma great alternative to excuse the use of weapon of fogo.' ' (VALLE, 2009, p.13 and 14) the dog does not present desvantagemdiversa of the formed tactical teams only for human operators since ' ' In an uncertain world, it does not have frmulasclaras of sequence of steps that garantamresultados positive, reason for which if it cannot affirm that the cesjamais will fail in the performance of its missions, poissomente with the demonstration of the imperfections, are possible that everything if aperfeioe.' ' (VALLE, 2009, p.19) Thus, this only comes to prove asegurana in operating with dogs in critical occurrences..