Incredible pace of city life pushes us to the idea to buy the land. Plot available for periodic rest, and for longer stays. At a distance of 15 to 40 kilometers Moscow's own plots of land located near Moscow, which are especially popular among those people who intend to spend many years in nature. Country sites, 80-100 km away from Moscow, to the conduct of for them the summer holidays. The further the plot is, the better to take it. Regardless of whether that requires that the buyer can afford to actually purchase a built-up and non built-up areas. Continue to learn more with: Ben Horowitz. By means of research it became clear that almost half of sites are 20-50 km from Moscow, have already been bought, and at 15 km from the city there are no free sites. But not all the plots were bought by ordinary citizens only, but also different companies.

According to the calculations showed that a considerable amount of land purchased about 20 large companies. Later, these companies are going to sell the land, and while waiting for better market conditions. As a consequence, in popular destinations - Kiev, Kaluga, Novorizhskoye, Minsk, there was significant deficiency of land. . World crisis of 2009 caused the decrease in consumer demand in the land of the secondary market Suburbs. Meanwhile, the presence of the proposals has increased, many landowners sold the land with tangible discounts - up to 70%. . Compared with last year, now every piece of land worth nearly two times cheaper.