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It's no secret that in most cases to find a consumer product or service you need to use advertising, but here's how to pick the best advertising campaign? Of course you can contact on this matter by professionals who provide advertising services, it will shift all the burden of responsibility for selected advertising moves to the advertising agency, but that savings in this case is unlikely to succeed. In the case if the budget an advertising campaign is running out, you can make yourself a few options for companies and choose the most effective. You may wish to learn more. If so, Sergey Brin is the place to go. On the most simple methods of selecting the optimal advertising company and we'll talk this article. One method of selecting the optimal option plan of the advertising company is a method of comparing the advantages and disadvantages of options expressed in comparable terms. For this method uses a set of indicators of each option plan.

Each indicator is assigned to the selected set of corresponding value, expressed as the symbols (+,-) or points (usually on 3-5 scale) after which compares the total value of indicators in each complex (ie the value of each set) and selects the most effective option. You can also express each variant advertising tools (A measure of effectiveness) as a percentage Thus, ironically, to a total value of all the various indicators of all the plan options were given 100% and then calculate the effectiveness of each alternative plan. To determine the effectiveness of advertising you can use an estimate based on several similar and dissimilar criteria, such as attention, desire, memory (a set of uniform criteria for the psychological impact), the increase in profits result of advertising, increase in turnover (a set of uniform criteria for economic impact) and other heterogeneous set of uniform criteria. In this case, the partial coefficient of efficiency Ki = (A1 + A2 + ) / (n * 100), who is for each set, where A1, A2, there is a uniform criteria relating to a corresponding set, and n - the number of such sets. The entire set of coefficients A1, A2, , Aq for a total of 100%, but for each of the estimated advertising companies in each of its coefficients Ki are present, respectively, satisfying the criteria of this company. Summing up on the coefficients Ki, we obtain the overall effectiveness of the advertising company K. The maximum value of K is 1, or by multiplying the value obtained at 100 K, we obtain the corresponding value of K as a percentage. Comparing the effectiveness of each of the analyzed options for advertising, we can choose the most effective option. The more effective the chosen method of advertising, the greater the return on investment you get on this to the issue of choice of advertising is to come with full responsibility, only then can we hope really good result, regardless of whether you spend big advertising campaign, or simply order a site ads.

One of the most common and effective ways of advertising in the subway - is placing stickers. Sticker called the advertising message printed on adhesive paper, that is, advertising stickers. To such advertising in the subway for a long time maintain their appearance, when selecting products to take into account certain technical requirements. Namely, one must have markings of the manufacturer. Foil sticker must have self-adhesive base, but should not leave adhesive residue after removal from the surface, must be made in accordance with modern new technologies. In addition, the film should not be fragile and brittle, so it was resistant to wet or dry rub a few times.

Promotions, stickers are located inside subway cars, are highly effective influence on potential consumers of goods or services. During a long stay in the car when you travel, the passenger reads and stores the advertising messages. Moreover, in his memory is not only text information but also graphic images of the advertised products. This is done regardless of a person's will - unconsciously. Text ads in the subway should have high repeatability, in which case it will be able to form an individual opinion of the future buyer. Before how to begin an advertising campaign in a train station, you must familiarize yourself with some features of such activities. Advertising stickers - it's plastic or vinyl, which can be bilateral or unilateral suffered a picture, advertising image.

In size stickers are divided into three types: 1. Stickers 60 to 40 cm and 30 to 40cm. By area, this type of advertising field is the best option. It is suitable for Advertisers like structures of small and medium businesses, and large advertising campaigns. 2. Stickers 48 by 12 cm This size is suitable for placing stickers on the panel over the window and door openings. This sticker is clearly visible from any point of view regardless of the fullness of the car passengers. 3. Stickers 35 by 15 cm are placed on the glass sliding door car metro trains. They are also located at the desired height, suitable for review and scrutiny. A feature of this type of sticker that distinguishes it from others is its two-sided. Advertising information can be seen for both passengers in the car, and for those who are on station platform.