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There are no true healers on every street corner. The Bible saying that the faith to move mountains like the true this saying also on healer? A wave from bored and annoyed, telling others full of zeal and enthusiasm by the successes of one of the oldest professions in human history. The controversial group of people who call themselves healers is meant. Cures reminiscent of incredible are always said to them, but there are also countless reports of disappointed patients until going to charlatans, uncurable people pull the money out of your pocket. Not on every street corner and the risk to make a true real healer and with him valuable time, which no longer have the most people, if they are so far that you are looking for on a healer, to let pass without success is great. One is confirmed also by the Science: it is carried out the treatment very good healers, always spontaneous, which were accompanied and documented also by the allopathic medicine. An explanation for that kindskopfgrosse tumors regress without drugs and traditional medicine therapy, or disappear for years sustained chronic pain, conventional medicine has not.

Their assumption is that important parts of the healing process are the intense attention of healer, compassionate employment with the physical and mental condition of the patient, initiating a change of lifestyle. The factors outside before staying in the traditional medicine are exactly this. Are available in few minutes available for diagnosis, treatment and information dealing with disease a doctor for each patient. After that, the patient is once again alone with his disease. Healers, however, intensely with the sick person. Spend many hours with rituals and penetrate deeply into the psyche of the people. You put patients into a trance and activate areas in the brain, which put the self healing process underway. All these processes don't expire about the mind, builds on the conventional medicine, but rain new Processes in the subconscious of.