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I slept and dreamed that life was joy. I woke up and saw that life was service. I served and I realized that the service was joy Rabindranath Tagore in entire company dan meetings in order to discuss any aspect that needs to be analyzed, assessed, either to give way to new shares where the human resources plays a decisive role. The fact, that you cannot escape from that, on the contrary, it gives the opportunity of approaching, share idea, motivate the people, do you see how important that are for the company, certainly for those who are interested in keeping a favorable organizational climate management not must be neglecting this aspect, knowing it management and determine when warrants a meeting, while she must get involved and the way how to act. There are to maintain a positive contact, Exchange idea, listen to everyone's opinion, know how to properly manage human capital, that talent that has and give way to actions that promote organizational behavior, productivity of the company and above all, reinforce the spirit of membership of the worked for the company. (E) integration with their bosses and work teams. Consider all the options, scope and impact of the meeting, where we want to go with it and it is suggested to convene it only when you are sure that it will be the basic tool to achieve objectives that promote the goals of the company, the tasks to be performed, all what step to maintain a favorable organizational climate. You must consider meetings as a great help in favor of optimizing processes. In a letter on this issue published by the Club of the effectiveness, is drawn, that is taken into account that in the business world there are many ways to communicate something: the memorandum, phone call, e-mail, report, fax, etc.

French author Stphane Hessel, who has waked up brings back to consciousness of thousand of indignant ones in all Europe with his work Indignaos! , returns with a new delivery of Literature it jeopardize with its next book Comprometeos! , that already is in way presale in some bookstores online like House of Libro. In Comprometeos! , Hessel repairs and goes deep in all those values that protested to wake up in brings back to consciousness of the individuals in their previous book, analyzing in depth the commitment that it identifies like necessary in the present society and, of more specific way, how to make specific it and towards where directing it. Thus, the French author, from one releases conversation with Giller Vanderpooten, of that they separate to him more than sixty years of difference, outlines the necessity that the citizens of the present world, writers, artists, explorers and personalities generally they take a step forwards to be elevated in the referring one of our present society, implying itself thorough in his reality cracked by the crisis and the lack of ideals, through its thought and action, helping to illuminate the future with an attitude jeopardizes. Indignaos! has become bestseller in France and Spain and, in this sense, Comprometeos! arrives at the opportune moment to catalyze the immense big wave of indignation that crosses everybody..

Farggi wants to give the jump to the Middle East in the next Farggi years is dedicated to ice creams of quality and cakes of high pastry shop. The standard, that has predicted an ambitious plan of international expansion, will abrir the 40 new premises, in next the five years, in Qatar, Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. With the purpose of to reach these important numbers of growth, Farggi has signed a masters contract tax exemption Ibin Ajayan TRADING Group, a holding company with soothes in Qatar, that at the moment owns a real estate division, powerboats and a mark of car rental. This group, that counts with more than 700 workers, also operates several companies of maintenance and services, and recently it has taken control of a restoration division. It is indeed in this point where the agreement signed by Farggi is framed. The plan of international expansion that has designed the standard must like objective duplicate almost the 100 ice-cream shops that compose the group at the moment, many of which will be located in the Middle East. In order to undertake this growth, framed in Strategic Plan 2009-2013 of the company, the group has recently acquired the facilities of Unilever and Dachy, that will become logistic center of the tax exemption. With this reconstruction, the Farga Group makes its products in the old plant of Frigo, acquired recently, whereas the new activities are carried out logistic of Dachy in center, in Sant Vince dels Horts, and the old factory of Montgat.

The final mission of this process of centralization is that the Strategic Plan is developed with the principles success guarantees, for which is predicted the extension of the catalogue and the impulse of the Farggi mark, that emphasizes, besides by elaboration Superpremium the ice cream, to offer cakes of high pastry shop, that can be served accompanied as riqusimo coffee. You can consult the guide of tax exemptions to have the greater repertoire of tax exemptions in Spain. The news, articles, interviews to tax exemptions, new tax exemptions, guide of tax exemptions, all the news of the present time in the world of the tax exemption you can consult it in directory of tax exemptions.