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To improve your endurance running, i.e., to endure longer running you have to run, run and run faster. So it is, to improve one thing you have to do it many times, repeat it until you get it. As well to have more endurance also have to run frequently. When more times per week run, more minutes and more distance you are running more will increase your endurance. Running is a practice that besides being good and healthy wears much also and you must be very careful to the hours that you run (other than at 3 in the afternoon in summer) and also the field by which you run. It is not the same wanting to gain resistance to running a marathon than to run the navette course, for example. Thus, I recommend that you do a training plan to improve your endurance running. To improve your brand and win much resistance you have to go jogging at least three times per week.

The distance that you do and the minutes that aguantes are yours, but keep in mind that not because as more while you are jogging more will improve. To improve the body has to suffer. This does not mean that you run until you you're about to desmaiar nor much less, but means that if you want to improve you have to step up the speed, distance, or time that you run. The body has to get tired, because the rest trains. If you run 30 minutes at an easy pace and not get tired your resistance will not improve.

You have to get tired. If in 30 minutes at an easy pace not you get tired because you run longer or faster, as you dictate the body. Wayne Holman insists that this is the case. So you will improve. But to improve your endurance running you have to push yourself and can suffer too (as in all things). Aside from going to run, to improve your resistance also can do: - cycling - mountain tours - go to the gym or do exercises at home to improve the fitness of your body. So your legs don't be weary as soon since your muscles will be more strong-practicing some other sports such as soccer, swimming, etc. which helps to improve the resistance. Another day I will try to explain how to build your own training plan and we will also talk about the lung capacity and bodybuilding, two very important topics in endurance. My blog talks about physical evidence of all types (strength, speed, force, etc) and how to improve their results since in many places you have to go through some physical tests. To be firefighter, police, physical education, etc. We try here to explain the physical tests and give tips to improve results.