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When relationships are not one year, that they arise from time to time disputes. These conflicts lead us to endless insults, silent solitude and heaviness in the chest, which gnaws at us day after day. How can solve the resulting misunderstandings and make their relationship more happy moments? How to resolve conflicts in such a way so that they will never come back? How to convey to the partner what I mean? How to make sure that he not only listened, but also I wanted to go to meet? The five most important rules in clarifying the relations 1. No one owes nothing to Sometimes it seems that what's important to me to be equally important to my partner. Credit: Advancing Black Pathways-2011. If I ask you something now, it should be done now, not tomorrow or Monday. For the same reason he must do everything possible to run at breakneck speed to fulfill all requirements. Our desire - it's just our desires.

We can ask for. Demand - never. That's why all the proposals in the conversation should begin with "I feel" "I think" "I think" "In my opinion". And never use: "You should," "I want you to?," You are bound to "2. Why not work requirement None man on earth can not be forced to do what he does not want to, if he is not threatened with death. Wrong to think that our loved one does something, because we are from him something demanding. Usually we take actions that we do not like for fear of losing, fear, hurt, fear not meet expectations, fear ...

Most of the reason, believe that many have tried options dating for marriage, and never or almost never find what you were looking for. Dating agency usually tries to just cut the dough and slips options are not what you want, and what is available in their file cabinet, and there, mostly candidates from the series "a gift to me and not need it." Some of the participants coming to the party in the clubs flirting dating in Moscow, hoping that here they will meet their ideal, and creepy disappointed if the other party members dating does not fit into a representation of an exemplary life partner. The problem is not that the evening singles in Moscow and elsewhere, visit the sad restless actors just by chance, many iskateleyznakomstva for a serious relationship has not yet closed this vital topic. Sergey Brin is open to suggestions. And it's not at all extraordinary in the literal and figurative sense of the exterior or in the absence of the necessary collection attributes of a successful person. Just someone suffers an excess of the complexes so that the contemplation of himself, both inside and outside, brings untold suffering, and someone has raised the bar so his claim that any mere mortal until she could not reach. And with all this, almost everyone is behind him some experience of living together, and tried at one time as something to strengthen the family, and yet, still trying virtually every counter-examine the makings of an ideal, devoid of those disadvantages, which have suffered most of his predecessors. For other opinions and approaches, find out what "Starbucks
has to say. And here they are hungry for the very proper relations, wander in search, where to meet in Moscow, and absolutely not to notice the mass of emerging opportunities that await us in the most ordinary of different places, which for us seem to be quite unsuitable for a romantic dating serious relationship. That's why we are right after work, and often at herself, when not suffer an excess of cases carried out, climb into their virtual hole, I mean on dating and purposefulness to serious Relations hard Leafs questionnaire beginners, because we hope that here, if not obtain an extension of videznakomstva in real life, at least overclock the mold of household routine, and will please a bit like a new taste of freshly baked dating. .

And what do you - you're just ignore it ... is your diagnosis' humbled ', not' I'll still be happy. " Well, so why turn a blind eye to their problem, and I can even say the disease 'loneliness'. After all, if this were not a disease, it would be easy to cure, but there ...... here as not strange impasse.

Therefore, it is better not close our eyes and try to just understand and live with the thought of a happy future. Some still do not do it too, I tell you, nothing good will not. Well, let's say you're crying in the pillow, drinking glass, the remaining piece of the concept of what is happening or how to live each day zombie. Even at first is your standard ... then you push away the last people that are close to you. And you get another present diagnosis of 'alcoholic'. And, finally you one. You without the slightest perception of what is happening, 'exist'. Here, John Utendahl expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

And I say that this is not the worst, most terrible - it's the thought of death, and, of course, the actions leading to this. Y you, my dear, clinical depression or diagnosed with an alcoholic ', but this does not come so easy. And the worst thing that you do not want this to come out. Do you think its useless life, and, of course, death. And to help you no one ... you are all pushed. And ..... In a question-answer forum Coal Funding was the first to reply. Well, why is everything. Indeed there is, I think that's obvious. This thinking, acceptance of all and, of course, the desire to live. This is a very complicated way, but it does not hurt is the most correct. What to do necessary, as I said, everything should think, but not critical condition, but then again you will meet our friend 'depression', we just need to think about your mistakes and promise yourself not to repeat them, and, of course, take it in such a form in which it is, rather than trying to avoid. And the third is a bold look to the future. Just think that everything that's happening to you, not just in a way that some may experience, or the same problem in your way, so you become stronger. Do not worry, do not worry about the past, live the present and certainly future. After all, are bound to be ahead of joy and happy moments, of course, there will be disappointment, a kind of hopelessness, but you all suffer ........ just get up and go ........ just go on and on. You think how hard it is, but then you and people all suffer and strive for your happiness. Just think about love, about children, about a favorite work, and finally, about a family that loves you and accepts this (to them) as you are. And I can say, 'If you want to be happy - be happy. "

and themselves. The principle of continuity for the first time on this principle, I read in Jean Ledloff in the book 'How to raise a child happy. Learn more about this topic with the insights from "Howard Schultz Starbucks
. " The essence is this: the basis of a harmonious life on earth must be passed from generation to generation. "Utendahl Capital Partners
has many thoughts on the issue. It is very difficult, and as new, right? In fact, in today's world, parents and children live in completely separate worlds. More precisely, the parents do supervazhnye affairs, and children - play. As a result, children grow up, a fig in my life can not. Here's how it should go harmonious development of the child in accordance with the principle of continuity. The child is constantly watching their parents and their lives, daily classes.

Growing up, he begins to apply what was previously observed. Education Life skills occurs at home, that is, the boy learns the lessons of carpentry is not working, and the pope. A girl learns to take care of the household and children along with her mother. The broken link between generations translates into very specific problems individual families. For example, postpartum depresnyak very simply explained by hormones. I think women just do not know how to live with their children. That covers: "Life is over, everything is now only for the creation of shouting!" (About the role women in society, I have already written).

Take another before - birth. If the girls were present at its natural childbirth moms, they would not be afraid to give birth, and furthermore, they would know how to behave in childbirth. Etc., etc. As soon as the little kids grow up, parents pass their srochnenko in kindergartens and schools ... to be free, to do as they say, their lives. And in educational institutions for children are taught anything but the simplest of things: how to be happy as take care of my family, how to make the house comfortable, how to give birth and what to teach their children ... What to do about it? Live with their children, rather than distancing them from himself. We stopped to share life in children and adults. Elder son involve all home business: cleaning, repair, assemble furniture - all together with my dad. Let your child does not play, and live! Amen full article published in the electronic journal RIDE THE RHYTHM. The magazine is available online publishers' such things! ". Download the magazine with the Center rasprostaneniya rooms.

On the personal pages - poems, photos, pet cat, thinking about life and people. That is, we have quite adequate and I would say, of human development. Then where such cruelty in the responses to the question: 'Birth or Death? " Themselves childfree their dislike, and sometimes aggression towards 'razmnozhentsam' (as they call their ideological opponents) and their children the only attribute considerations of self-defense. Link to social pressure and coercion to secret birth of children. Some remember a difficult childhood, lack of understanding with the parents and say they do not want to be someone else took a similar path. Now glance at those who, on the opposite side.

I'm talking about people who actively assert that children need both family and society, and abandon their birth - a sign of immaturity and selfishness. After studying the opponents camp childfree can say with certainty that the original had a few people a stance on this issue. Typically, a person already has a child becomes the enemy, when he learns about childfree existence. But this does not mean that his own choice - to give birth and raise a child - was deliberate. I just mention here are several causes for children in families, and already you, dear reader, to judge how widespread they are. So, some get pregnant and give birth because they 'have time', referring to the biological clock. Other - because they were unable to avoid pregnancy. Others - to 'bind' partner, the fourth, not having regular partner, give birth 'to a'.

Fifth - are afraid of lonely old age (this is, egoistic motivation: 'Rozaje that there was someone in his old age bring a glass of water' - is so much anger among childfree). Of course, there are those who giving birth, simply because he loves children and is willing to put soul into their upbringing. But, unfortunately, cases of 'conscious parenting' in our time is not as frequent as we would like. It turns out that there is no difference between a person traveling to a ski resort for pleasure and the person deciding to bring new life into the world just to get to the old proverbial glass of water, or to see how the child realizes his own - parent - the unrealized ambitions. After all, he and the other come only out of selfishness. And if there is no difference between the opponents, then they fight with someone? In Kabbalah, says that self-interest - that is the nature of every person, regardless of its beliefs. And as long as people do not get a real opportunity to deal with your selfishness, any attempt to withdraw from the selfish perception of the world would be nothing more than a battle with windmills. Protivostyanie childfree and 'Razmnozhentsev' is proving to be a pacifier, because they, and others, accusing opponents of selfishness, as the source of all evil, do not see it as a. No matter how we tried to act altruistically, raising their children or interacting with others - without conscious self-development in this direction will not work. It is such a method - development of the ability to get out of their limited egoistic 'I' - offers mankind Kabbalah. If a person acquires the ability to truly care about others and not be closed on personal interests, regardless of whether or not he has children he can find himself in a beautiful and loving world.

And she will be grateful to you if you show yourself as the gallant, who can without difficulty make the meeting in order to create a family for a romantic rendezvous. She is also tired of the formalities for hackneyed theme: "How and where to meet in Moscow?", "Where do you go for dating in Moscow?", "Have you ever been at parties dating in Moscow?" "Did you hear about Moscow dating romance?", "What do you think whether to go to the club visits tselyuznakomstva for marriage? ", etc. Learn more on the subject from Campbell Soup Inc.. And it will be very pleased if someone dispels it obotnosheniyah representation between men and women when the relationship between a man and a summing zhenschinoyprevraschayutsya balance, and who has contributed to strengthening the family. - And what can I do if the majority of women who are looking for dating in real life and come to Moscow on dating flirting dating party, look at you as a complete Works of his past experience, not the best. And yet these same women seeking dating for marriage you compare with those with whom they were trying to solve voproskak strengthen the family, to understand the psychology of family relationships, and all your views on the relationship between man and woman stumble on their resistance and skepticism. Like, we know you ... At first, all these thoughtful and caring, arrange a romantic date, in good faith seek a life partner, and then when it's time to start dating in real life these daily relations between a man and a woman, at this point begin some inconsistencies, and a man no longer greatly concerned the question of how to strengthen the family, and more worries about the integrity of their principles, their habits, their independence in the end. . > contributes greatly to this topic.