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Actually the Bulgarian what he was doing was challenging because he had in his possession such a robot out there with an aggressive martingale has almost doubled in two days. Then the Bulgarian told me that his robot was a thousand times better than mine, and lots of other more ... I was elated bravado. I said, I hope you can send the report within a month ... which never happened.

A few days ago I was contacted by if he could manage a private account .. of the robot told me more ... logically will be left without consideration. "Well the summary of the anecdote is ... one of the keys do not is to gain a lot in two days, but keep beating over time and that can not get a 50% gain in two days.

maybe even a month. I usually have a target goal of 15% month moderate risk / low for average accounts, 25% for aggressive profiles and small accounts and 8% for large accounts ... and then if the result of market conditions and stability of the account at any given time. Ideally it is best to know the Forex know which is the basic operation of the Robot, and follow emergency action manually. 9) What advice would you give to novice traders? For the first tip is to train, even if you are using a Forex robot which we know will work for us. So, start learning Fundamental and Technical Analysis is not a bad idea.

Some useful tips to help you keep your belongings in a minibodega of income are: get ready for your move disconnect all electrical appliances. Disassembles all beds, tables and furniture that allow it. Unplug electronic devices and music players. Boxes Usa good quality boxes, queries to the company's income of miniwarehouses about if is that they sell packaging materials. Put heavy items in small boxes for which te is not so difficult to lift them. Fill your boxes completely, close them and seal them with tape. Label the boxes by the six sides, in such a way that you can quickly identify the content.

Fragile items wrap each item with protective wrapping or paper foam. Place a layer of this paper inside the bottom and at the top of the box. Cups, bowls and dishes placed standing. Edge and small dishes should be packed in an upright position near the top of cartons. Put paper in the open spaces of the boxes to make sure that all are tight. Label all boxes containing pictures of glass and do not place objects on top of these boxes.

Seasonal decorations saves boxes containing fragile ornaments. Do not use newspaper to package any of the articles since they can stain ink. Wraps the series of lights with a piece of cardboard and place them in a box lined with paper bubble or foam. Lamps surrounds the bases of lamps with filling material. Which are small should be wrapped and placed in boxes. Pack the hotbeds of lamps separately. Do not store heavy items on cartons containing lamps or curtain rods.

Tactical trading is based on an identification of the strongest and weakest markets. Looking at a whole load of different markets globally, it is relative easy to make this distinction.  Once this has been accomplished, liquidity can concentrate on commodity and ForEx markets.  But nonetheless, one needs to realize that this does not give a guarantee of whether or not the commodity trade will actually work.

One of the biggest advantages of tactical trading however, is that finding new trends becomes way easier.  Having said that, even if you do successfully manage to identify strong and weak markets, you will probably incur various (minor) commodity trading losses as it is next to impossible to prevent them.  Your main aim is to detect major market flux in the stock market to your best advantage.