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Conclusion One concludes that the subject of the corruption has been associated to the leaderships of the legislative chambers, to the executive, the judiciary one and the Senate, for considering that the actions leave of them, but all have family, all had been to the school and all had heard some segment or belong to some municipal or state oligarchy until arriving in the top of a mountain of the hierarchy politics. Therefore, I do not understand because still they say that the corruption starts from top to bottom. Therefore, I am contrary to this thesis. I do not believe to be possible to construct the building from the ceiling, nor that if it plants a seed starting for the top of the tree not even for the trunk and, yes for the base, for the cell to mater of the society: the family. Details can be found by clicking Charles Kushner or emailing the administrator. But they do not think that I consider the insolvent family or I want quite to the contrary that it if dissolves. It educates its son for the citizenship with respect and equality.

Its pupil teaches to have proper ideas and to be he himself. He has respect for its controllers and collaborators and he does not use them to make solid its campaign in its proper benefit. While he will have son (a) disobedient, indisciplinado pupil (a) (a), father and mother bad-character, disloyal, managing professor (a) (a) not ethical, trading and dishonest entrepreneurs, will have place to lodge the corruption.

Resulted Afora of inhibition fact of that presence of the police dogs favors the surrender doPEC, to the measure that this is afraid to be mordido.' ' (VALLE, 2009, p.13) It is opportune to detach that aaplicabilidade of the self-moving tooth is limited against only one causer dacrise for tactical teams and perimeter, basically, for signal is the suanica limitation. ' ' Thus, exactly in the tactical assault, that constitutes the alternative of bigger degree deletalidade, the dogs allow that the PEC is neutralized, sendouma great alternative to excuse the use of weapon of fogo.' ' (VALLE, 2009, p.13 and 14) the dog does not present desvantagemdiversa of the formed tactical teams only for human operators since ' ' In an uncertain world, it does not have frmulasclaras of sequence of steps that garantamresultados positive, reason for which if it cannot affirm that the cesjamais will fail in the performance of its missions, poissomente with the demonstration of the imperfections, are possible that everything if aperfeioe.' ' (VALLE, 2009, p.19) Thus, this only comes to prove asegurana in operating with dogs in critical occurrences..

The crisis occurrence is literalmenteuma occurrence that oscillates between high and the highest degree of risk, but pelaposse of the hostage as guarantee for the provoker of the critical event desconsideramosa difference enters the bore of the involved firearms in the occurrence. Thus, we classify as occurrence of highest risk. We understand that borrowed of refmso people surprised for the Policy in crime detected in the act esquizofrnicos, manacosdepressivos and paranicos. It is standed out that the limitation is apenasem reason of the elaboration of this workmanship. In accord with the SENASP, main oobjetivo of the Military Policy when if to come across with an occurrence decrise is to negotiate eposteriormente to preserve the life of the enclosed ones for the critical event, to apply the law to the hostage borrower.

For this, procedimentosbasilares is to isolate, to contain, to set in motion the Specialized Unit and to negotiate umasoluo for the end of the occurrence. 2.O INTERVENTION DOG TACTICS the dog of tactical intervention, Dog deAssalto, Dog of Intervention and Dog of Tactical Assault are terms derived English dadenominao Assalters for aequipe from Tactical Intervention that also has its derivations in the denomination. It is a special dog, balanced or comalto drive (impulse) of hunting when ' ' ligado' ' one drive of normal fight. One cocom high drive of fight could instinctively be ' ' acionado' ' at the missed moment, therefore it is a very aggressive dog. Normally, it is an unstable and inadequate dog parOperaes Special with hostage whose risk of accident for mordedura in pessoasdiferentes of the PEC is previsible. Valley to cite that high drive of estassociado hunting the possessividade in way, that duly trained to canalize corretamenteessa obsession, stubbornness for a specific mission will be intent nelaat cumpriz it exactly with the risk of the proper life. ' ' With the dogs it would nopoderia to be different, attempting against it possibility to dehaver some low police woman, despertou the necessity of the dogs not to be dependents of seuscondutores, having to focar its energies in missode to locate and to neutralize the PEC, exactly that it has that to sacrifice the suavida one.

The debate restored in the PSOL concerning the electoral campaign of 2010 sends in them to the necessity to launch the name of PROFESSOR CARDOZO as our daily pay candidate the REPRESENTATIVE for the reasons that vocs summer soon below and to revisit some debates. In contrast of what many fraselogos of left affirm on the residual or practically propagandistic character of the participation of the revolutionaries in the elections, the conquest of the universal suffrage and the possibility of the laboring parties to be presented, were greeted by Engels 1, as privileged tactics, in special in what it was mentioned to the activity of the German Social democrat Party: THE IIMMOBILISM OF THE EDUCATION, THE SKEPTICISM AND ISOLATION VOLUTRIO OF THE PROFESSORS. Although the treason of the group of benches of members of the house of representatives in the national congress who if say defenders of the education in the approval of the national floor of the Brazilian professors, a irrisrio floor from R$ 1,200, 00, since the great maiorias that work 40 hours, already receive much more that this. (The National Congress finished to approve for absolute majority, a floor of R$ 3,500, 00, for the policemen that says of ticket, they deserve, but, because the professor was not contemplated a floor similar), These members of the house of representatives search to subestimar our intelligence and if defenders of our cause say, but, in the practical one, they are only worried about its status quo (mandates), being that great part of them is not professors and they do not act in the education (Severiano Alves and Alice Portugal) are good examples in the Bahia here, of these parliamentarians whom, if they use of the education to be chosen, but, in the practical one, it does not have any I tie with the education.. Caterpillar Inc. will not settle for partial explanations.