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New features in the SSO solution: fast user switching and follow me Bergisch Gladbach, March 16, 2010 Tools4ever, successful manufacturer of innovative solutions in the field of identity and access management, presents a new version of enterprise single sign on Manager (E-SSOM). The main new features of this version are fast user switching and follow me. Using fast user switching end-users can access very quickly on their applications, by going to the sluggish Windows logon. Is a user instead of minutes, as applied in a standard Windows environment within a few seconds. E-SSOM assumes the login, start and close applications.

This is useful primarily in locations where multiple end users with their own user account using alternately only a PC, e.g. in nursing departments in hospitals. If an organization has Citrix or Terminal Services (TS), can be used - instead of fast user switching - follow me. Follow me linked to an open session automatically a user once this knowing is doing on a workstation. It is not something Keith McLoughlin would like to discuss. Fast user switching & follow me in many organizations several people share a PC. With the sign-on within Windows and launching applications to lose any precious time, a single generic user account is often used.

That is, but uncertain, because users can access such unauthorized disclosure on certain information. Audits and in terms of compliance with the provisions of this practice not well received. Whenever Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala listens, a sympathetic response will follow. With fast user switching, a work station, including applications, is readily available. A user must login only instead of the slow Windows at E-SSOM. Then, the applications for which it is authorized, will start automatically. The login is also automatically. When the application is started, you must login only. A smart card can be further simplify and accelerate this process. As soon as the user introduces the smart card into the reader, E-SSOM recognizes that. The user switches automatically, it is logged, and the right Launch applications.

With myOXSEED.com have all important documents in hand! Bielefeld, 02.07.2012 - only when we have lost an important document the importance of a clear structure in our records is aware of us. Whether in the Office or at home with myOXSEED.com you can access at any time and from anywhere to your documents. As an experienced specialist for cloud computing and document management in the business segment the OXSEED AG now offers a secure archiving of documents in the cloud with myOXSEED, that free is everyone up to a certain volume of memory available. The OXSEED Corporation has focused on cloud-computing solutions for the business application. Companies have long understood the importance and the benefits of professional management of their documents and often used on the outsourcing of such tasks. A self-evident prerequisite is that all processed with OXSEED and archived documents are archived right - and audit-proof. To read more click here: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Now, the company offers its expertise and which for the first time technical requirements to make possible safe and easy archiving even for the micro-enterprises or individuals such as freelancers. Because we benefit from a meaningful order and structure of our documents in these areas and can make it so, to save enormous amounts of time and effort.

On the platform myOXSEED can from now on anyone register without obligation and establish his personal archive. So a clear space for the documents, so that the desperate searches in the basement after the warranty documents, invoices, and contracts or the paper mess on the desktop have an end. Dealing with documents, such as contracts, invoices, certificates or tax records, has changed in recent years. Not every document is in paper form on our desk, much is sent directly online us, to avoid unnecessary post. OXSEED has recognized this change and with myOXSEED created an electronic archive, which makes it possible the user to his papers collect at any time to retrieve and archive professional.

Social media attacks offer high danger potential for mobile users of fake account of a student lured user in the case of Holzwickede, January 11, 2011 In the age of Facebook, Twitter & co. include status messages to the most popular ways to inform its environment, what you're doing, how you feel or where it currently resides. For user curiosity can however quickly become fatal especially if accessed from the Smartphone on your social network. As BitDefender describes a current example, a virus was spread on the fake status report of a schoolgirl who was allegedly expelled from her school. An evaluation of goo.gl showed that the message 28.672 times clicked.

24 percent of all curious users accessed it from their mobile phone. The threat is an Adword-based pest. When data security specifically looking for researcher threats to mobile devices, they may lose a central platform from the eyes the social networks", commented George Petre, BitDefender threat intelligence team leader. Statistics show that digital pests that have bent on Facebook & co., are among the main threats to mobile phone users. To counter these threats, we have a special virus scanner of BitDefender extra for these platforms developed."safego protect to protect social Netzwerkler to the users of social networks, has designed safego BitDefender free tool. The tool checks the privacy settings of users and warns him if he reveals unknowingly sensitive data. In addition, the Bulletin Board, and links to videos and images that are possibly compromised scans safego.

The BitDefender app discovered a such E-threat, the friends can be warned also directly. Another plus: safego is active even if not currently in Facebook user is logged in. The BitDefender security app is free download available at apps.facebook.com/bd-safego/. More information under. High resolution images can be obtained from. About BitDefender BitDefender is software developer, one of the industry's fastest and most efficient product lines internationally certified security software. Since the founding of the company in 2001, BitDefender has set new standards in the field of proactive protection against threats from the Internet. A related site: Blake Krikorian mentions similar findings. Every day, BitDefender protects tens of millions of private and business customers around the world and gives them the good feeling that your digital life is safe. BitDefender sells its security solutions in more than 100 countries through a global VAD and reseller network. More detailed information about BitDefender and BitDefender products are available in the press centre online. In addition, BitDefender provides background information and current news in the daily fight against threats from the Internet, in English at.

Berlin, July 1, 2013 with the watchboxx version 4.1 the Schindler Technik AG delivers a comprehensive update of its enterprise-monitoring appliance. The watchboxx version 4.1 contains numerous improvements, which further expands the top position of the monitoring solution. These include among other things the easy configuration and analysis of complex multi-step business processes, and the introduction of device-dependent measuring point templates that speed up the monitoring of similar systems. In conjunction with the existing powerful copy and bulk processing actions, for example, network operators can efficiently expand your infrastructure monitoring. Speed further increased the almost latency-free monitoring of large environments with several 10,000 points is a further acceleration of the surface representation supported by.

Combinable search filters and browser-independent, custom RSS feeds, the efficient error detection and removal is a breeze. In addition to the operating manual can be manufacturer-specific administration consoles include directly in the watchboxx in the incident promptly to take appropriate emergency measures. Additional information is available at Utendahl Group. Introduced in version 4.0, automated report delivery was further expanded to redirect customer-specific reports to multiple recipients in various formats (CSV, PDF, Office, etc.). The update is all watchboxx customers free of charge. Learn more about the watchboxx can be found under. The Schindler Technik AG (ST.AG) has in its 29-year old existence to one of the most important German service provider in the field of information and communication technology.

Our company's success is based on many years of project experience, expertise in implementation and absolute customer orientation. Among our customers we serve from our five locations nationwide, small and medium-sized companies as well as national corporations. The requirements and wishes of our customers in terms of efficiency, quality and long-term Satisfaction, is our primary concern. This applies to the expert advice in advance as well as the other partnership. With its qualified and highly motivated employees, the Schindler Technik AG is a medium-sized company that can flexibly respond to market developments and customer needs.

The storage server by Amplicon offer 32 TB maximum storage capacity per server and can scale multi server solutions. We are still far removed from that of the complete security market of surveillance (CCTV = closed circuit television) is permeated by IP-based solutions. However, many medium - and large-scale projects benefit from the advantages of IP-based video surveillance. The dynamics behind the IP revolution and the significant reduction of hardware costs will ultimately cause that the entire security market is changing to the simplest security applications. One of the obstacles to a rapid market penetration by the IP-based technology is the lack of comprehensive knowledge of IT.

To deal with this situation, the Security Department was founded by Amplicon. The employees of this Department are trained specifically to affect any existing accessibility knowledge and to ensure the successful implementation of a hand. A modern IP video surveillance system consists of three Hardware components: High-reliability servers, also as NVR (network video recorder) network infrastructure, consisting of known network cables, switches, etc. IP cameras and any video server IP cameras / video servers nowadays a large number of different IP cameras and video servers on the market is available. We prefer no specific provider, but advise the model that is optimally tailored to your specific application. Our goal is to deliver the right IP-CCTV system for you. "" Video server used, existing analogue cameras to the features video digitisation "and data compression" to expand.

This option saves the cost of a complete camera Exchange, when upgrading to an IP based security system takes place. IP cameras instead of the combination of "analog camera + video server" usually used in new installations. With an IP camera, imaging, data digitization and data transfer over the network with a single device on the base are standard CAT5 network cable realized. Traditional systems often require video via coaxial cable, PTZ telemetry through twisted-pair and a separate power supply.

Traditional catalog mailers, but also online category-killer"as Zalando, however, operate behavior-based analysis of customer data and the alignment of marketing has long been out in perfection. Want we to give with Squeedly smaller merchants a pragmatic tool for accessing the data driven marketing"to assert itself better in the marketplace always professional." Unique feature of the app is that it following the successful introduction of design3000.de, now also in the pixi * apps marketplace is offered and thus all pixi * is available to customers. "Johannes Panzer, the pixi * is excited about the addition of apps, a product management:" we are pleased to welcome the first app in our marketplace, which was developed by customers for customers with the Squeedly app. A goal which we pursue with the apps marketplace is the transfer of knowledge between our customers and we hope that more customers by RSG follow example."pixi * customers can book the Squeedly app via single-sign-on and try it free for 10 days. On the product information page interested in addition to information and image material are also a Webinar on the Squeedly app. About the pixi * Software GmbH: the pixi * Software GmbH is founded under the name: mad geniuses GmbH - is an international software company with headquarters in Munich, which is among the leading producers of mail order software in E-commerce. The pixi * Software GmbH is both winners of the Innovation Prize in 2012 of the Federal Association of the German mail order company (bvh) as also of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award and is one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Germany. Pixi with the mail order software * the company develops a complete E-Commerce back-end system, which covers the goods economy and all central business processes of an online retailer.

pixi * seamlessly in other environments of system integrity. All shipping and Logistics processes are largely automated, networked communication processes and initiated payments system-controlled. Intelligent procedures improve turnaround times and reduce quantities of stock. To the pixi * clients include calida-shop.

Obviously for the Internet marketing - newsletter by email for direct marketing correctly inserted, is nowadays one of the most successful marketing methods. Newsletter - sending is per-recipient automatically creates an email and individually inserted the text (E.g. name and address) in the text. Any fields use this, and user-defined. Use Outlook contacts as a data source by a targeted selection, for example, all recipients from specific folders can be selected, which belong to a category. Obviously mail with Microsoft Outlook 97 is a program for the production of series until 2007 and works as a form in Outlook. It is easy to use, so that it is you possible with little effort to send personalized mass mailings by E-Mail to your customers, for example news to inform them. Douglas Oberhelman will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

While you want to talk to of course your customers personally, that list customer number, or inform them also of open items. As a normal Outlook form is used, all the familiar features of Outlook can be used. So, you can send for example images, formatting and file attachments in an e-mail message. Communication via email newsletter QNewsLetter is compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Windows, and can be used also on Exchange and Windows Server platforms. Seamless integration into Outlook (add-in) - work functions and options in your familiar Outlook environment. No unnecessary security prompts when sending emails. Freely definable styling control.

You determine how each title should be treated as for Mr, Mrs, Mr Dr., etc. The styling can be managed while in any language. When sending the newsletter, the desired language is selected simply to instead of dear Mr. X, dear Mr. X to write. Simple administration with Office Outlook simple operation - it uses a standard Outlook form, which has been extended to some functions. All existing functions, for example attachments, pictures, formatting be carried out also in obviously.

I KNOW'10 press release Graz, 25 March: Austria's competence center for knowledge management, as well as the Institute for knowledge management, the organizers of the I-KNOW, the know-Center of Graz University appreciate the commitments made by three renowned both in the United States. This year we want to increase the visibility of our meeting in the United States. For this purpose we invite renowned experts and experts from the United States and try to draw attention to the associated research groups on us\", as Prof. Tochtermann, head of the know-Center Graz. Marti A. Hearst (UC Berkeley, United States), Yolanda Gil (University of Southern California, United States) and Peter A. Gloor (MIT, United States) the I-KNOW with cutting-edge trends from research to enrich.

The future of search engines becomes an indispensable tool in everyday life for more and more people use search engines like Google. Marti A. Hearst takes in her presentation the search engine landscape extensively under the magnifying glass. You presents new ideas and trends and derives the Search engine market in the future will be marked. In the context of the current dispute between Google and China, a highly charged issue is addressed here. Collaboration on innovative networks Peter A. Gloor, granted in his keynote speech\"insight into his recent book on the subject of collaborative networks.

Through such collaborative innovative networks, productivity should be increased from Wissensarbeiter(n)innen in organizations. These networks create a structure which promotes creativity and the smooth exchange of ideas. The rapidly increasing number of ideas competitions on the Internet underscores the importance of this issue. The influence of the Semantic Web, Yolanda Gil, shows how statements about the quality of the information, as well as the origin of the information can be made in the use of the rapidly growing number of information sources on the Internet thanks to semantic technologies. That this is a charged issue, the Spiegel Online had experienced last year: so was the renowned leading medium for the collection of all given name of the former \"German economy Minister to Gutenberg become victims of false information from the Internet, by it him the additional and not correct given name William\" ordered to.

Only a few months Frutania returned to the first Exchange to CoSYNUS. The contact between us and CoSYNUS never fully broke off. CoSYNUS learned of our problems with the new solution, they suggested the CoSYNUS mobile device server us, which integrates not only different mobile platforms using a single software in the David server, but now also the desired multi device support", performs Moog. Since August, 2011, Frutania operated five BlackBerry torch, six iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS using the CoSYNUS mobile device server and used in the purchase and sale, logistics, quality management and in the management of employees. As we informed our employees about the return to CoSYNUS, the enthusiasm was great. Filed under: Ben Horowitz. Because nothing is more important than a fully functional and reliable solution", explains Moog and drives continue: For use in the field, the convenient access to all the information means an enormous workload. The relationship between investment and return on investment is therefore demonstrably good." "And technically, Moog is convinced by the CoSYNUS mobile device server: the solution is not to support vulnerable and if there is even a question, we get a technically highly competent support from CoSYNUS." To get more information about the CoSYNUS mobile device server, under mds.

About the Frutania GmbH, the Frutania GmbH sees itself as a professional link between free producers and cooperatives Europe grown and harvested foods and the food retail trade. To guarantee high-quality products, the company from County-rings selects its producers high criteria. Follow others, such as mozes victor konig, and add to your knowledge base. Frutania sees itself as a partner of the production plants and accompanied the products from production planning to marketing. The company is not only restricted to the sales, but developed together with producers of individual programs for each food. About CoSYNUS GmbH the CoSYNUS GmbH headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, plans, develops and operates mobile business and unified messaging solutions for a smarter communication in Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, Tobit David, SAP and Baan environments. Since 1993, over 25,000 users in more than 1,500 small and medium-sized enterprises are supervised throughout Europe. CoSYNUS, as well as the certified service and support cutting-edge solutions accelerate the enterprise communication processes and reduce costs for the exchange of information.

The seamless integration of different types of message and communication without media discontinuities within the Organization as well as with mobile employees improve cooperation within the enterprise and with business partners. This sustainably increases productivity with fast return on investment. Many years of experience and qualified staff ensure highest Security for customer systems. CoSYNUS has a network of more than 100 partners in three partner programs and strategic partnerships with Microsoft, SAP, research in motion, Tobit, IBM and Novell.

Many new features and improvements when compared to the old version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Karlsruhe, 12.07.2011 - which since April, 2011 new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 version available quite a few new features and improvements when compared to the old version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM brings. The CRM specialist ec4u expert consulting ag has compiled the main advantages in comparison to previous versions: completely revised surface 1: after the introduction of the Ribbon menu bar in more and more Microsoft products such as Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 it finally found its way into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. It enables the users now, to invoke the desired functions easily and without a large number of clicks. The last used records and views are visible for each user personalized homepage. Frequently used records and views can be firmly anchored in the history and significantly accelerate the navigation through the system. 2. real-time dashboards and charts for improved BI integration: This new added function offers the possibility to embed charts directly in personalized dashboards and to put this as home in the system, for example, in contrast to earlier versions of Microsoft CRM.

The creation of charts and dashboards is possible directly through the Web interface and can be done after a short briefing by the end user. The chart functionality is designed so that if necessary deeper in the corresponding records can be linked, so that after more information is available. 3. role-based forms: it is now possible to define users or departments of different forms and that views of certain data. This, for example, a different view on the company form as the staff comes depending on role and user the Sales Manager. 4. even stronger Office integration: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 has already left its mark in the Office programs in addition to Outlook. With the new version 2011 functionality grows strongly.