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LAW A. .. Nondiscrimination. That is, for discrimination against a person with disabilities must occur two things: That they are treated differently because people with disabilities or different treatment that prevents the exercise of any right. RULES: When the State, Entity, Social Work, the prepaid or the officials in breach of their duties and obligations, violate any legal right, everyone has a constitutional tool, the writ of Amparo, discrimination or failure to their attention, and everyone is penalized may initiate appropriate legal action for repair.

Constitution Article 16 , 23 592 Nac Act, Act 24 782 Nac, Nac Law 25 280. LAW A. .. Request a tax exemption for the purchase of a car. The benefit is a contribution from the State to acquire a vehicle of national industry standard type without optional accessories or adaptive command and spot price for sale to the public, not exceed 50%. You can also opt for exemption from excise taxes and / or charges imposed or acquire one unit of foreign origin, the standard model with the necessary switching mechanism and without optional accessories, the cost is the FOB value is exempt from payment of import duty and excise tax rates including statistics and port service. LIMITATIONS: Proof disability, certified by the competent health authority, possess the certificate of disability. Proof of the date of filing in bank deposits, stock holdings, ownership or possession of property titles easily check similar to the amount of the value of the vehicle is purchased. Prove that he had the benefit holder or their family group for the past 12 months immediately preceding the date of application, no monthly income of less than 5% of the value of the car to buy.

Older people need now much vitamins and trace elements of the Golden October is over and the wet season arrives. Car drivers think of smooth roads and miss your car winter tires. But we also think of us. Starbucks recognizes the significance of this. Also people need winter tires in a figurative sense to get accident-free, i.e. free cold through the winter.

Now it is therefore high time to strengthen the defences and prevent colds. But how and what? Of course, the vaccination is useful and highly recommended a real virus flu prevention. Wayne Holman Miami understood the implications. But what can you do against the normal winter colds preventive? Vitamin C alone is not enough usually. Research of the past years have proven that. Preparations have proved effective especially in the elderly, however, which contain zinc in pharmacological doses.

New clinical research shows that can be thus prevented effective winter infections and reduces both the number of infections and also the duration. Researchers from the World Health Organization (WHO) from Canada participated in such research, and examined whether the performance of the immune system in the elderly could be increased by a specific cocktail of micronutrients plus zinc. The results were clear: the researchers could with an investigational drug, which corresponded to the currently available on the market in Germany MemoVitum in its composition, achieve excellent results in the elderly and halve the number of colds as well as the infection-related sick days. Even more: The study participants whose memory performance improved in addition also still clearly. Thus, the results of this research, that number and duration of winter colds by the regular intake of certain micronutrients cocktails with high-dose zinc will be halved and at the same time can increase mental fitness show. MemoVitum is the same in its unique composition of vitamins and trace elements the WHO researchers in their studies an investigational medicinal product. That makes MemoVitum Right for those aged about 50, who want to do something for boosting their immune system and promoting the spiritual fitness based on reliable results of the investigation.

HoREX listen experts help horgeschadigtem girl from Afghanistan they called Nara, is 11 years old and lives with her family in the Afghan capital of Kabul. Germany she came the first time three years ago. A much-needed heart surgery, which at that time was the girl, saved her life; and their German host family enabled Nara, to attend school regularly returning to the home. But the war in Afghanistan was again hard the girls and his family. By a bomb explosion, Sakina lost her hearing.

In turn, a trip to Germany, as well as several operations were required. When the OPs also brought no significant improvement of listen, helped the hearing care professional community HoREX. -In a few days, Nara will return to her family with new hearing aids. As we learned what had happened to Sakina thereof, we decided to bring them to Germany", Astrid Lapp (48) from the Baden Auggen, the girl already 2008 Host mother had houses. Sakina was completely malnourished. And since their arrival she brought four ears operations behind the cardiac treatments. But although Sakinas eardrums are restored their hearing remained significantly reduced." Haste was necessary.

An appropriate Horlo-sung for the girls had to be found and primarily funded after Sakinas of last operation end of May. After Afghanistan, only a few weeks remained until the return flight. But then, Astrid Lapp randomly read an article about an aid project in the German hearing care professional community HoREX, which collects old, yet functional hearing aids for hearing impaired children in the Chernobyl region in cooperation with a member operating from Brandenburg (Havel). Ms. Lapp volunteered at our headquarters in Kreuztal and the history of NARA has affected natural us made", says Tannassia Raghavan, Chief Executive Officer of HoREX hearing acoustics EC. We have advised how we can help the girl in the time remaining. An advantage was that our community with around 380 HoREX premises is almost everywhere in Germany spot here." Sakinas host mother: this quick help of the HoREX was really great! "For the supply of small Sakina community provided an extensive supply of batteries simply two of its current HoREX hearing AIDS also. And also a suitable stop expert who could make the adjustment of the equipment on-site, was quickly found in the nationwide network of HoREX. Padakustikerin Manuela Gerspach, owner of hearing aids Gerspach in Bad Sackingen, received Sakina a few days later in her shop, to begin the supply. This quick help of the HoREX was really great", so Astrid Lapp. And Mrs Gerspach was so helpful and friendly that NARA has just closed them in her heart. It is wonderful to experience what hear the child at once again. We can normally entertain. She feels much safer than before. "She hears traffic noises, the rippling of water, the chirping of the birds after our first visit to Mrs Gerspach said immediately: I never knew that there are so many birds in Germany." Editorial Note: the hearing acoustics EC headquartered in Kreuztal HoREX was founded in 1995 and is one of the leading performance of hearing-acoustics industry. Today, nationwide around 380 listening acoustic master specialist businesses belong to her. The HoREX care professional aims to offer an individual hearing solution people with hearing loss, which focuses on personal hearing requirements and a fair price / performance ratio. The HoREX provides future-oriented perspectives and an attractive shopping policy, extensive marketing support and numerous services, offers in-service training and quality certification to its members.

60 percent of all depression arising from unprocessed grief Berlin in October 2010. It gets colder out slowly and the evenings come rather. The summer is over and the advent and Christmas season not distracted still. During this time, more serious issues come to the course. November is commonly called the mourning month. Certainly, grieved will be season-independent but in November there is the repentance and repentance, the Remembrance Sunday and the feast of all Saints Day is celebrated on the night of November 1. It is thought the deceased. Mourning has little place in our society and in our daily operations.

The environment expects that it is again fully operational after six weeks. Mourning year you should let as anyone something. According to Dr. Manfred Wolfersdorf, Medical Director of the District Hospital in Bayreuth, over 60 percent of all depression arising from unprocessed grief. So, mourning often mutated by a temporary, extremely tense, desperate and helpless Constitution to a depression. At the death of a beloved We learn what is death people.

This death experience happens to us, we shall be, lets us get mad at us and everything that we have taken so far for granted. It shattered not only our world and our self-image, it forces us to conversion of whether we want to or not. ", writes Verena Kast, writer and Professor of psychology at the University of Zurich, as well as lecturer and training analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute. Grief can involve conversion and a chance of change in itself. We often do not know to deal with this possibility. Mourning wants to be learned and there they held mostly in secret is not to burden others, there are few role models. Support on this way there in grief groups, in therapeutic contexts, or trained grief companions, such as Eva Terhorst. Their range download that from the mourning phone, the grief chat about grief group and individual discussions up to a grief guide as PDF under loaded or also online can be done. The grief group and individual discussions take place in their practice in Tiergarten. Every funeral is different. It is this individual path carefully to support and accompany by rituals, discussions, and group contexts. The deceased there is certainly important and means a relief that their survivors get support, make the big loss, a unique journey into a new life for them.

The child complains of headaches warning signs of high blood pressure (hypertension) in children or dizziness of more frequent nose bleeds when the child patients unrest, you should heed heart palpitations and shortness of breath always as a physician can be signs of high blood pressure (hypertension) nausea, vomiting and visual impairments or more causes one this diagnosis should lead to the decision of a differential diagnosis critical limits (Vulzituitat hypertension) hypertension is, when the systolic pressure is higher than 90 mm / Hg at a 2-to 3-year old child. Up to the age of 5 to 9 years, the blood pressure must be less than 95 mm / Hg to 65 mm / Hg. In school until the 12th year, 105 mm / Hg to 65 mm / Hg are the upper limit. A significant verifiable hypertension in adolescents over the age of 12 is, if the value is exceeded by 120 mm / Hg to 70 mm / Hg. Please note that this only means in normal-weight children with Are normal size. (Source: Ben Horowitz). A transfer of child patients to a specialist of children or children specialist practitioner is more than advisable. Consequences of hypertension in children hypertension can lead to kidney damage, stroke and sudden death. How do you treat hypertension? "Professional consultation with a doctor or therapist therapy planning to reduce the excess in hypertension therapeutic body movement plan parental advice in terms of negative seats" before the computer, TV, etc.

Hypertension in children - of the symptoms on the diagnosis to therapy symptoms children are usually free of symptoms. Therefore the increased blood pressure is usually discovered during a routine checkup. First warning signs may be: headache dizziness nosebleeds heart palpitations and anxiety nausea and vomiting, chest pain shortness of breath see disabilities causes of hypertension in children and adolescents in children before puberty an elevated blood pressure is often another child disease attributable to (= secondary hypertension).

Alternative therapies for back pain back pain tools handle from a holistic perspective back pain have many concurrent causes. Known causes are often regarded as additional triggers such as deformities of the spine, muscle tension or muscle imbalance. Nerval, the spine is connected with all organs. If there is body weaknesses these back problems can cause. After segmental allocation such as cardiac and pulmonary diseases cause problems to the thoracic spine.

Kidneys and intestinal diseases are related to back pain in the lumbar region of the column. Malfunctions are often organelle adhere not comprehensible, since here rough measurements (the test addresses only when kidney tissue is destroyed the high percentage) are used as for example testing the value of creatine in kidney problems. The patient is in the appearance after testing his kidney function would be very good. Finer diagnostics tools are used, so you can for example at the Years or decades recognize a kidney weakness in the preliminary stage to an increase in the value of creatine in Iridology. Inflammatory processes are often involved in back pain. The musculoskeletal system serves as a large Depot organ"for metabolic toxins stored due to lack of excretion ability. Therefore, a detoxifying and from conducting therapy using homeopathy, TCM and herbal medicine is useful in inflammatory processes. The psychosomatic factor plays a role in back pain here the muscle also acts as a storage organ which can save the emotional tensions.

This leads to muscle tension and muscular Dysbalnacen. Naturopathic diagnosis and therapy is a holistic Kontex of the causes in the interplay of the spinal column. Osteopathy can dissolve misalignment, muscle tension and more Dysbalnancen. Sergey Brin understood the implications. For long-term success, body weaknesses be detoxified using homeopathy and TCM and strengthened. An example is the Naturopathic How to clarify: Mrs. M. 38 years, employees, with main diagnostic lumbar spinal syndrome Bildgebend resulted a slightly "twisted" sacrum with a lumbar (hollow back).

Visavia pulls numerous representatives from the policy at Kelberg/Hanover, 09.03.2010 ROWA automatisierungssysteme GmbH pulls a positive balance of their presence at the CeBIT to active interest of politics and trade visitors. In addition to Federal Health Minister Rosler, the Lower Saxony Health Minister Mechthild Ross-Luttmann, the Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, Kurt Beck, and numerous other representatives of politics over high-tech solutions by ROWA informed themselves. On the future care companies presented forward-looking technologies that streamline the healthcare of tomorrow. ROWA presented on the future care, the health platform of CeBIT, automated warehouse for pharmacies and the 24-hour-service terminal Visavia. Especially on Visavia representatives showed great interest the policy, because the supply in depressed areas can be improved with the consulting and delivery terminal. Official site: Kevin Johnson. For example the Secretary of State in the Federal Ministry of health Stefan Kapferer, stressed this of is the use of Visavia at regional Supply bottlenecks can imagine. Pharmacists are joined together at the Visavia service concept, which mutually accept services and thus ensure a 24-hour supply. So, a high quality of advice for patients can be guaranteed because only trained pharmacists via audio and video conferencing at the terminal are connected.

He was one of Rhineland-Palatinate State Secretary for economy Alexander Schweitzer, as well as a delegation of Member of Parliament of Rhineland-Palatinate to other high-level visitors at ROWA. About ROWA ROWA is European market leader for automated warehouse in pharmacies. The product range includes picking machines and accessories such as a fully automated storage, as well as the levy - and consulting Terminal Visavia. The company headquartered in Kelberg, Eifel, employs over 280 employees and has about 3,000 plants installed worldwide.

Palliativkonsiliardienst find real measure between curative (healing) and palliative (lindender) medicine who is dying, is palliative medical supplies in Germany. Palliative means that the disease is not cured, but relieved their history thanks to appropriate therapies can. To know more about this subject visit Kevin Johnson. The supply takes place usually in specially established palliative wards, retirement / nursing homes or hospices. Since 2006, the Catholic hospitals in Oberhausen follow a new approach. The doctors there believe that a strict separation between curative (healing) therapy in a hospital and palliative (soothing) supply on a special station does not meet the patient in some cases. JPMorgan Chase understood the implications.

Finally, each patient has a different course of the disease, which requires a unique combination of curative and palliative medicine. This combination to find out and to organize, is much more difficult, because complex it is but most likely the needs of patients, "says Dr. med. Christoph Gerhard, neurologist, Pain therapist, palliative medicine and Director of palliative Konsiliardienstes at the St. Josef-Hospital of Catholic hospitals in Oberhausen.

It is the task of palliative Konsiliardientes to determine exactly the needs of the patient and to respond accordingly. How exactly the palliative Konsiliardienst works and read what advantages arise for the sterbenskranken patients, in the lengthy interview:... / palliative... rheinruhrmed.de is a free and independent online health magazine for the Rheinland and Ruhr area and is published by a group of freelance journalist from the region. rheinruhrmed.de is a pure information portal (without any consulting activity!); the online magazine is financed exclusively through advertising. Contact: rrm Rhine RUHR MED Zeche Zollverein, Hall 10 Gelsenkirchener Strasse 181 45309 Essen phone + 49 (0) 201-7591340 M. Rabe

The Deutsche Apotheker - und arztebank apoBank as a financial specialist for health professionals represents the philosophy of holistic advice. Your competent partner in all financial and business issues, traditionally regularly offers training courses for doctors about the personal care. Workshop leaders Steffen long together adopted the participants with an important tip to insurance periods in the subsequent get. Answer questions: Moersdorf consulting medicine Company Staff trail 103 53127 Bonn fon 0228 / 92 98 57 68 fax 0228 / 92 98 57 69 Moersdorf consulting nationwide is one of the leading experts in the area of PraxisMarketing. The Untermnehmensberatung for hospitals and practices works on the basis of the latest scientific research, including Dr. Gerhard Bittner, Prof. Dr.

Gunter F. Muller and Prof. Dr. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Starbucks. Dr. Manfred Spitzer. In selected acquisition workshops and intensive sales communication training, a mental approach to learning produces a setting change with immediate effect. The result is measurable and long-lasting more sales for the clinic or practice. "Lawyer Ruben long Wilhelmstr.

26 Court specialist 177 53111 Bonn Tel. (0049) - 228-94747180 fax (0049) - 228-94744684 e-Mail: focus of my practice, this affects the support of established caregivers". Here, I offer a very comprehensive advice and representation. All questions in connection with the exercise of individual professions in the healthcare sector, about registration, establishment and cooperation. Dipl.-kfm. Steffen long partner nucleus financial and insurance brokers AG Clemens-August-str. 2-4, 53115 Bonn Tel.: 0228/96964-0 fax: 0228/96964-44 Dipl.-kfm Steffen long has over 12 years of experience as a consultant in the financial sector. He consults as a specialist for academic health care professionals under the umbrella of the nucleus financial and insurance brokers AG, whose partner is also, first and foremost, dental doctors for over 6 years. Here the focus is currently advising office. In addition to accompanying above all practice financing and hedging concepts, as well as asset management commercial services currently comprise the focus of his work. The nucleus AG is a nationally operating specialist broker for academic health care professionals as well as for specialists and managers of the economy. Your life-accompanying consulting and support is at the Centre of our activities. Started with targeted information to the study, the career and the career, we offer you a holistic provision and wealth management. As a partner of the Insurance Authority for dentists, we develop industry-specific solutions for our demanding clientele. This is the precise knowledge of your environment at the top for us. In addition we offer the collateral and guarantees, expect from a joint stock company may contact data media agency PS Karolina Larsen 0176 / 96806036 Peenestrasse 1 53127 Bonn

This it is an exposition that me I myself did when I began to work with different techniques from emotional liberation. In the first years of study with EFT, Method Sedona or Z-point I obtained full results in the liberation of small traumas, addictions and generally in different aspects more related to the therapy that with coching. Although from the first moment I began to determine goals and to work in its different attainment with techniques and processes, has been recently time, when really I have found a form effective to use the liberation to obtain time and time again, which I set out. The procedure is not reason for this article developing (essentially because he is sufficiently complex like so that it is impossible of to outline in a few lines), but that I go to contarte what was the event that caused that it included/understood in all their magnitude, to what extent a blockade emotional can be limiting to us. The fact at issue succeeded a day working to my friend Jose Antonio Campaign (author of the book Seeds of Christ, Edit. Robin Cook), when I had a deeply liberating experience in which I could " soltar" a blockade that came from my more tender childhood and than was deeply ingrained in my psique. Hear other arguments on the topic with Titan Feul Tanks. This " informacin" catched, caused by a love deficiency (understood by a small boy), it made look for the approval me of the others of an excessive way. This desire of approval, was not more than a yearning of a boy who in a while precise did not feel like beloved, and who continues looking for that love with time that it needed.

And by incredible that seems, that understanding, it caused that the existing emptiness disappeared and from that moment, has been much more easy to reach what I set out. From that point, the small obstacles have been eliminated much more easily and the attainment of goals has become something absolutely natural. From then the techniques of PNL, models DBM, the application of EFT, they have begun to work " like by art of magia" with much more effectiveness. From that moment, all the creation of my own system of coaching, has hurried as if it had been long time, bidding up to leave, and something would prevent it. Something, that luckyly and thanks to Jose Antonio and to Others no longer is. I must clarify here that deficiency and that blockade, were something totally hidden, and although consciously there would not be any negative memory and even is a sensation to have been always very beloved, which a boy can feel in a while precise, it can leave a deep track in his mind. But the liberation also is useful when it is small blockades that they prevent us to act with the effectiveness which we want, in these cases also the EFT use and others will be a great advance. I create sincerely, that still can be learned much of the liberation processes, and trust continuing developing the same and learning of those who are walking the way in front of me. I have the security of which the true potential of a human being truly released, is about to still to discover, and we have therefore exciting work.