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Modern enterprise through its Department of human relations should restructure the characteristics that present demand with respect to who should be the Secretariat that must accompany the Manager in the successful management of the company, define new functions required by the present, emphasize what should cover with regard to knowledge, competencies that should be covered, both academic, technical, personal, age, as well as the description of the position, for example on the latter, that your responsibility, job consists of supporting the management in all the functional areas involved, process and archive correspondence, processing reports and statistical reports, coordinate activities related to the institutional promotion, among others. It should the management for its part is always attentive with regard to performance, performance, productivity, achievements the Secretariat, relying on those weaknesses that can be transformed into fortresses, with actions, strategies that generate the required change, provide training, development, tolerance, care, to strengthen its competences take into account for example, which drew. The Club of the secretariats, in relation to the enterprising Secretariat profile: ability to adapt to changes, without dying in the I try favoring interpersonal relationships and knowledge just in time management principles and techniques. Studious and reading all kinds of books and material on change and organizational improvement. Tolerant to the uncertainty with which the business moves. With ability to create, innovate and deploy with a global vision of the business of the company speak at least English handle modern computer technology to obtain information and knowledge of value added.

Character, personality, habits and styles proactive and high professional standard. Secretariat of an Executive to an area or management, to an administrator of processes in removable, disposable, disposable, transportable or virtual structures. We consider, that the Venezuelan Manager, case that concerns us, don't neglect the great potential that has through their secretariats and to really engage in optimizing its performance, taking collaboration to develop the labour skills, administrative, functional, especially the attitudes that have been very neglected on this latest thing must be attentive in everything concerning Auto trust. Auto development. Self motivation. Interpersonal communication. Availability. Conflict management. Management of resources. Impact and influence are given the conditions for modifying the traditional forms of the competencies required to count with the support of a good human resources department permitting hiring Executive Secretaries consonas demands that the present demand and guaranteeing an excellent performance of its functions, in pro that management, has an endorsement of collaborative actions that correspond within the modern management management.