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In hard times, one of the slogans of governance is - "Do more than usual, but at a lower cost." Profit after blazing, and the costs should be minimal in this case. Being in an active search for options to improve productivity of staff and the "activation" of talent, leaders risk losing their main resource needed for survival - key employees. And therefore the motto can (and should!) Paraphrase in another way: "Do more and better, putting as much effort as ever: more interaction with staff to communicate more with them, more to develop partnerships, trusts, paid more attention to coaching. And remember the most important: effective leadership - the key to successful employee motivation. Otherwise, why the question about the reason for leaving the company far from the worst officers are responsible, at times, the same way - "weak leadership". Set clear objectives, expected only what is truly possible. In times of crisis only option may be possible. In other words, the expectations should fit into the picture.

As well as the company as a whole, every employee must be clearly focused in its activities. This means that the person must be able to understand the meaning of his work at the moment, what to do first, how and for what purpose. When people hear about cuts in other companies and are feeling the economic downturn, they begin to experience fear and anxiety because they fear for their future. This estestvenno.Chtoby excitement has not penetrated into your organization, or not passed like a virus from one to another, if the process of layoffs has begun, must continue to maintain an open dialogue with its employees and to set them clear goals and objectives.