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Stretch ceiling - is a product of the stretch film material on the basis of heavy-duty vinyl. The thickness of the material used - 0,15-0,25 mm, weight - 200 g/m2. Stretch ceiling has several advantages over conventional. Firstly, it is very easily installed. This requires a team of just 2-3 people.

Mounting takes only a few hours, depending on the size and complexity of the premises. Installing ceiling takes three times less time than plastering and whitewashing. Technology ceiling installation is simple enough. First, make accurate measurements of the room, and the configuration of the ceiling can be of any complexity. Plans are sent to the factory, where it manufacture canvas ceiling.

Along the perimeter of the room at the desired level set fastener-cover profile - baguette. Determine the future location of lighting fixtures and in accordance with that in the canvas make the holes. At a basic ceiling, in places where there should be established elements spotlight, fix counter in which light and set, which will then be displayed in the level of stretch ceiling. Then cloth heated heat gun to 80 C. Heating of short-term and local, at the level of human growth temperature increase is not felt. When the fabric cools, an effect of tension and the result is perfectly flat, smooth surface. Ready to fix the ceiling around the perimeter of the mounting frame, fix a special tool on the corners and along the perimeter walls. Secondly, the suspended ceiling hides all defects and irregularities overlap, and we get a perfectly smooth surface. This is achieved by the suspended ceiling is below the overlap of 3-4 cm by baguette (there is also a baguette, taking away only 1,5 cm high). Third, the suspended ceiling very durable, able to withstand loads of up to 100 liters per square meter. In this case, it just sags, but after removing water and drying restores the previous size. Thanks to waterproof, suspended ceiling ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Fourthly, the suspended ceiling ogloschaet noise does not accumulate static electricity, is safe from an environmental point of view, is not subject to combustion, do not collect dust, easy to clean, does not suffer from moisture, do not degrade. In addition, a layer of air between the main ceilings creates an additional thermal insulation. Ceiling does not burn, does not change its color over time and calmly perceives reassembling. Fifth, the suspended ceiling can get complicated spatial configurations, and in various planes. They are very diverse in design, color, texture and give great freedom action designer. Stretch ceilings are available in a wide range and by type of film has 10 textures: matte, satin, satin with anti-microbial treatment, varnish, lacquer perforated, moire, mother of pearl, metallic, marble, under the skin, the subtree under the suede. Each invoice has a number of shades, a total of more than a hundred. When choosing a particular type of film into account the general color and design features facilities and objects interior, and also that some wish to achieve a color effect in the repair of the apartment.

XPS board characterized by very low thermal conductivity (the best indicator among the heaters on the market) and minimal water absorption. In addition, xps board give additional strength to the design of your home. Extruded polystyrene foam dramatically reduces heat loss through the structural elements at home. Characteristics of plates XPSDostoinstva strength, stability smooth surface for subsequent Finish Low energy and money flow resistance air infiltration through walls - to save energy and money VlagostoykostNe absorbs water - reduces the likelihood of problems with Small moisture vesProstoy outstanding durability, chemical stoykostNe collapses at construction site - saving time and money Features of Some of the new homes are built using metal frame instead of wood. JPMorgan Chase often expresses his thoughts on the topic. At warming a house is important to realize that the heat loss through steel bars and beams are significantly higher than through the wooden structure.

Because of this difference in insulation, packed between the wall racks or floor beams, will not be as effective as in houses with wooden frames. If the wall panels have a metal frame, you will need to provide a continuous thermal insulation coating the outside of the metal frame between the outer skin at home and metallic elements at home. This will block the cold bridges. For this purpose, would be the best thermal insulation of the plates extruded polystyrene, which is easy to use, easy to cut with a knife to the desired size, has excellent thermal resistance at low thickness. Air infiltration Most homeowners know that infiltration (air leakage) occurs through a small slit in the door and window frames, through fireplaces and chimneys.

In our reality may be a large number of situations where the design or renovation captures a central place in daily sessions. This is what happens when you open your business and strive to establish a bar, or Erect a private cottage, and you need to install it and the surrounding area more comfortable. Many years ago, all solid structures built of natural stone. Today the fashion trend to finish with natural stone increases. Directly to natural stone, natural stone - a natural clean, strong and very interesting receptive material.

Initially, his popularity is due to the fact that all sorts of walls or roads paved with stone, are cute and will last many years. There are many varieties of natural stones, which are used for decoration. One of the list of the most popular at the moment is sandstone. Due to the wide range of decorating tint sandstone are not sick in any case. Paths laid them will be stronger and last longer. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Howard Schultz. In particular, fine sandstone in garden decoration landscapes at home or bar. Here, you can use it to spread extraordinary pictures that provoke shock guests or customers.

For paving roads most common finishing material is considered cobbles. Because it is capable of being crushed as the form, I mean the rough outline, and cutting, that is, perceiving a much more balanced, then its application you will be able to lay the most diverse road, ideally corresponding to the overall landscape near the cottage or business. At the moment there are a large number of companies that sell natural stone for a variety of needs. Pick up one fairly easy. Sometimes reasonable prices can scare us at all. However, with natural stone all happening differently than under the scheme - the more expensive the better. Here are just companies that sell natural stone quarry, with no intermediate links. A, respectively, and at lower cost, but with such a degree as a significant level of quality as our competitors. So that the stone - is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also reasonable. Any person seeking to obtain only the most optimal, both at home and at work. Why it is so convenient to use natural stone for finishing. He is not only attractive and diverse, it also has significant strength and long life, and moreover has noise and thermal protection. Any design, from modern to traditionalism, is only getting better, if it contains elements of decoration in stone. And for the trails at a cottage a more suitable material not be found. Use only the best and natural materials.