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LTE speed test and its use by the customers with rapid speed mobile Internet surfing, this would be a great thing. The users of smartphones, Tablet. PC BBs and notebooks with Webstsicks looking forward to the new year. The provider of Telecom, Vodafone and O2 announce the further expansion of the fast LTE network. So movies and music without can stutter soon not only fans of Internet in rural areas, which were previously slow DSL connections or even only analog approaches available, enjoy. Data rates of up to 100,000 kbit / s downstream, ensure in the cities on the way for a rapid development of Web page and extensive attachments are transferable in a few seconds.

How fast is the connection really and how can you optimize? With an LTE speed test as a user, you can find out what pace transfer the content from the World Wide Web. The data rates provided by the providers in Vista are the maximum speeds. The real possible values are not the least of Depending on, which together take an access point the wireless connection and the number of users. More transmitter and receiver units are set up, to be on the road more stable and faster surfing on the net. To improve performance measures can be make on their own, however. You live in the countryside and already on the phone with the phone you must reside in a certain room, so that the connection does not break down? Similarly, it will behave then with your mobile Internet access via LTE. With an external antenna, you could put this problem to tackle.

The accessories market in this respect already offers the necessary sure. This of course not only the stability of the data connection will improve, but also the amount of data that is transmitted and therefore the speed. You can then perform the direct comparison with the aforementioned LTE speed test. The comparison of the values with and without external mobile phone antenna gives you detailed info. For the year 2012 are on the part of major mobile operators planned extensive expansion. It aims to tap into the urban areas and the rural areas and to attract new customers.

So employees from the back office or experts can be consulted quickly and easily, to quickly and professionally edit the concerns of the caller. All users can benefit from the intelligent link, which already work with a client of Voxtron or insert but so far only Microsoft Lync. "" The integrated solution combines the best of two worlds: unified communications and customer interaction solutions ", says Marc Schneider Managing Director Telefonbau Schneider GmbH. for companies is a great opportunity to customize your call center to the changing customer needs and to improve their efficiency," as Gold Certified partner of Microsoft we immediately recognized the potential of Lync and developed a standards-based interface to the Voxtron communication center. The first installations have been successfully implemented, and we are looking forward the further market development in the UC environment", adds Ralf Muhlenhover, Director of Voxtron GmbH. About Voxtron: International Voxtron group which produces software for customer interaction since the beginning of the 1990s. The portfolio comprises products for call and contact Center (ACD), voice portal (IVR), Unified Messaging / unified communications, fax services, social media, CTI, telephone banking, and many special applications. In addition to pure telephony functions, Voxtron integrated among others Web chat, video, speech recognition and synthesis, CRM - and ERP systems, campaign software, Microsoft Lync -, Exchange, Outlook and Navision systems, host solutions and Web connections into its products and solutions.

Voxtron solutions are characterized by their flexible and convergent architecture. Worldwide Voxtron has approximately 100 employees over 11,000 customers, of which 3,000 in Germany. Medium-sized and large companies, banks and insurance companies, authorities, cities and municipalities, trade and industry, include them Network operators and manufacturers of PBXs. Use over 125,000 licenses for products of Voxtron. over IP Dynamics: Dynamics of IP is a provider of professional contact solutions. The company was founded in 2005 and accompanied Voxtron in the next year for the first time as a system partner in the Call Center World. IP Dynamics offers its customers as a result of his double qualification as a Microsoft Gold partner and a unique approach to integration: the dynamics of IP V: link.

Contact and more information: about Telefonbau Schneider: the phone Schneider GmbH is longtime exhibitors of Voxtron and serves over 4000 clients from diverse industries as a specialist in communication and network infrastructures. The service provider supports companies on the way from traditional ICT solutions to forward-thinking cloud applications. contact: Voxtron GmbH Bill Westfalen 1 D-59229 Ahlen Tel. + 49 2382 9897 40 fax + 49 2382 9897 474 email: Internet: