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But since the film is tied to the Aztec image of the sun, the most popular domestic transfers is the name of "The Sun Aztecs. Rare occasion when I really like both names. So the summer. Heat, it's time to leave everywhere, even in chinnom Hamburg, where he lives and works as a teacher (though still only preparing for the inauguration) rational and unromantic Daniel Bagneux (Moritz Bleibtreu). Once, when he goes to the local market, it calls out a girl Julia (Paul Christian), secretly in love with Daniel.

She finally decided to do its device happiness and gives the guy a ring with the Aztec sun. And besides invites him to a party where the voice of hereditary prophesies Sibyl Julia solely thanks to the magic ring, he met a girl with the same sun, which will give him love. I do not expecting from itself such an act, Daniel goes to the club where the prediction comes true Julia. Here only she herself, had arranged the whole story, in complete disorder feelings watches Daniel goes hand in hand with Melek Turk. The next morning she went to Istanbul, and future teacher, succumbed to years of insanity, sent to her on a car. But Julia's in the family were obviously a witch (or maybe it again this summer?): Send hitchhike, she jumps into a car stopped on the side of Daniel. They will have a long way to the goal, and each his own. In a way they will meet with various people, quarrels and reconciliation, moving from country to strange, funny and sad adventure and, of course, self-discovery.