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The varied Mediterranean vegetation includes species among others African rosemary, irises, bougainvilleas, coves, heliotropos and salvia. Between the trees there is unit of lemon trees, distinguished or palms date palms that next to the roses provide the mixture of fragrances that hoards the Alhambra from medieval times. In the inner galleries of the botanical garden there are small architectonic examples of the characteristics of the construction for one better understanding of the challenge that supposes for the time a walled city equipped with as much sophistication. Triple arcs, parterres, batteries and sources illustrate a unique mixture of architecture, engineering and horticulture. The sample is not limited the sumptuous thing of the flora. The exhibition Historical Views: Tourists AT the Alhambra (historical Visions: Tourists in the Alhambra) are a compendium of the passions that has raised to the construction in artists and international travellers.

The Hispanic Society of America provides to the Botanical Garden of New York bibliographical peculiarities, impressions, photographies, watercolors and objects related to the Alhambra, from the century XVI to the XX. Between jewels of the collection there are documents of century XVI that offer the first detailed descriptions of the Alhambra. The engravings that 1665 and 1668 enter made the French artist Louis Meunier also include the first artistic manifestations that show the interiors of the palace. It also emphasizes a newspaper of the romantic writer Washington Irving, a lover of the Spanish culture, that published a collection of tests and histories related to the Alhambra, of that fell in love after spending the summer of 1829 there lodged. The organizers complete this revision with readings of poems and round tables around the figure of the granadino Federico Garci'a Lorca, tastings of Mediterranean food and activities of flamenco. Source of the news: The Botanist of New York recreates the gardens of the Alhambra

/A report ordered by the Government indicated that the process determined by the law of digital Economy for it was " inoperante" and " length and laborioso". The Executive thinks that it is possible to block the access of users to pages with pirate contents without needing resorting to that law. In addition, a reform will authorize the copy for private use. Jim Umpleby is likely to increase your knowledge. The British Government has discarded his plan to block by law in the United Kingdom the pages Web that infringe author rights, like those of unloading of music and films, when concluding that he is impassable. Minister of Businesses, Innovacin and Qualifications, Vince Cable, confirmed that, after receiving a report of the Ofcom regulator, the measurement has been rejected, that was included in the law of digital Economy approved the year past. The law contemplated, in a clause that will not be developed now, to grant competitions to the courts so that they blocked vestibules dedicated to the infraction of the author rights and intellectual property. Nevertheless, a happened case the last week, in which the company of telecommunications BT were forced by a court to block the access of their clients to a page of pirate files without needing resorting to that new law, indicated the Executive who is unnecessary to legislate in that sense.

The regulator of the Ofcom telecommunications concluded in its report that the process determined to the law of digital Economy for the blockade of vestibules was inoperative since he was long and laborious and it had not worked with Webs that appear and disappear at a high speed. However, which yes will be introduced, under protection of that law, it is a system of warning by letter to the users of Internet alerting to them that its connection has been associated with sites of illegal unloading. The letters " they try to instruct to people on author rights and to indicate to them where they can find contents legtimos" , it indicates the official notice. Twenty pounds to resort the users will be able to resort those warnings, but a payment of 20 pounds has been introduced (23 Euros) to make it to avoid false resources, that they will be given back in case of gaining the process. Cable also announced a revision of laws of protection of the rights of author for, according to said, to facilitate the things to the citizens and to eliminate obstacles the economic growth. One of the changes will be that the copy of ceds in personal computers or Ipod will be legalized, something that on a daily basis makes the majority of people but who nevertheless he is illegal under the effective legislation.

Another reform is that violation of the copyright will not be considered that an artist parodie the work of another one, nor to either use other people's scientific studies for its computer science analysis in search of data. Also, the process of legalization for common use of works without well-known authors will be facilitated. Cable announced in addition the creation to " interchange market digital" , where the licenses on protected contents could be sold and be bought quickly. According to the minister, this initiative that will report to the British economy about 2,000 million pounds (about 2,300 million Euros) of annual income for 2020. Source of the news: The United Kingdom discards to block those pages Web that infringe the author rights

The city of Sirte, last bastion of the Libyan dictator, Muamar the Gadafi, is the new objective of the rebels and their western allies. The British minister of Defense, Liam Fox, has confirmed who several airplanes Returned have shot missiles against bnker where the dictator could hide-and-seek. " One is not to find Gadafi, but to make sure that the regime cannot continue fighting against its own pueblo" , the minister to the BBC has explained. Official site: Starbucks. While, the rebels advance by highway to fight to the loyal ones the dictator in Sirte. The loyal ones to the autocrat, on the other hand, have bombed the airport of Tripoli, according to the chain panrabe To the Arabiya. In the Libya capital the electricity cuts are frequent and does at least six hours that there is running water no. Source of the news: : British huntings bomb to bnker in the native city of Gadafi