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Maintenance and exploitation of the international space station (ISS), including the calendar of crews and supplies is complicated, but when almost everything depends on a single supplier of transport, any unexpected can be put upside down the plans. In that situation the orbital base after the launch failure, is now on 24 August, a ship of Russian Progress cargo carrying nearly three tons of food, fuel and spare parts to the ISS. Now we must study the situation and the causes of the accident before resume flights of Soyuz rockets, with crew capsule or loaded. Swarmed by offers, Howard Schultz is currently assessing future choices. The problem is that, after the decommissioning of the NASA shuttle program and waiting that future rockets of U.S. private companies to assume the space transportation within a few years, only the Russians now have ability to send crews to the space, and by that service have to pay NASA. Now plans are in the air, without discarding the possibility of removing all the astronauts of the base and let it uninhabited for a time. Source of the news:: the ISS plans, delayed by the accident of the Russian ship

The differential with the German bond stands at 295 integers. Bag overcomes its downward trend and rises by 1.16% the risk premium on Spain has finally left the barrier of 300 points to media session on Wednesday and stands at 295, after having begun to rise and reach 319 integers. The differential with the German bond is still affected by the reduction applied to Ireland by Moody s, but remains far from the highs reached the day before, above the 374 basis points. The Ibex 35 has managed to overcome the downward trend and has risen by 1.16% at midday, animated by the tranquility that reigns in European sovereign debt market and in line with the trend in other European markets. At 1200 hours the selective Espano l recovering 111,90 points and stood at 9.715 units, while the General index of the Madrid Stock Exchange advancing 1.20%. Also the main European markets have been recovering with increases, with the exception of Lisbon, which lost 0.24%. Milan climbed 2.04%; Frankfurt, the 0.75%; London, 0.33%, and Paris, the 0.24%.

Uploaded in the bag inside the Ibex, only medium-sized banking and Sacyr escaping from the bullish trend, and suffered losses of 1.01% for the construction company; 0.21% to Caixabank, and 0.12% to Sabadell, while Bankinter was trading flat. At the other end of the table, Mapfre more than idealized 6%, and in terms of the market heavyweights, hikes were 2.18% for Telefonica; 1.52% for Endesa; 1.09% for Santander; 1.05% to Iberdrola; 0.92% to Inditex, and 0.16% to Repsol. Within the continuous market highlighted the sharp rise of Metrovacesa, of 43,39%, a day after the company's shareholders began to subscribe to the capital increase of 1.949,9 million euros that take place as part of its debt refinancing plan. Until 12.00 hours the selective Spanish had negotiated 913 million euros, of which 249 corresponded to Telefonica, 189 to Santander, and 90 to BBVA. On the currency market the euro recovered ground against the American greenback and was changed to 1,410 dollars. Source of the news: the risk premium on Spain leaves behind the barrier of 300 points