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"Crewing" or "crewing" - comes from the English word crew - the team," "crew". Respectively, formed from a crewing translates literally as 'recruit crew'. In the modern sense - is the activity to recruitment of sailors on the sea (rarely river) vessels. Sometimes the word Crewing (or crewing) is used as a designation of a company that was recruiting. For example, you can often hear the expression 'Crewing Petersburg' or 'Crewing Novorossiysk 'within the meaning of "crewing company from St. Petersburg", or "crewing agency of Novorossiysk." The main role of crewing companies - is to provide mediation services between the shipowner and seafarer and pays for these services are always owner.

This often some unscrupulous crewing company under a different guise collect money from mariners' documents for shipping, "or even" an interpreter when correspondence with the shipowner. " Recently, however, these companies there is not much. There is a legitimate question: "Why can not a sailor himself, bypassing the crewing agency, send your documents shipowner, the thus saving his money? ". The answer to this question lies in the fact that the sailor, sending documents that are not liable to the shipowner liability. Consider a situation when a sailor sends documents shipowner which is in another country. According to documents sailor suits the shipowner, but when the sailor comes in person, it turns out that it is not suitable for some reason.

For example, is frankly fake or expired documents, or suffer from alcohol or drug dependence. Shipowner incurs losses due to lost time, a ship, finally, because of the money to pay for flights sailor. All these problems, the shipowner avoided if the services of crewing companies to place checks on seafarers' prof. suitability, and its documentation for legitimacy. Due to the fact that crewing financially responsible (and often financially dependent) before the shipowner, he seeks to put the most competent officers and enlisted men. At first glance, it appears that the current system is ideal: owner receives sampled and tested sailors, sailors get rid of many problems associated with negotiating, solving many problems on the spot. However, there are some drawbacks. Unfortunately, there are still unscrupulous crewing companies, which require bribery and "kickbacks" to the sailors. This practice is mainly in small companies, the leaders of the same market do not practice such things at all. In general, the scheme of relationships seaman-Ship Crewing can be described as settled. When used properly, it benefits all parties involved. Sincerely, Nikita Groshin. My project manager Maritime Command SEACREW.RU