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Many are skeptical about the dog "pocket". "Is this dog," "What a good judge of it" - alas, such statements are not uncommon. Well for starters I want to note that there is no connection between Nike temperament, vitality and size of the dog. Representatives of most "pocket" variety - the Chihuahua - boldly rush to protect the beloved mistress. And absolutely no matter whether it to threaten a mouse or a ferocious lion. But any stress, even the most insignificant, can be fatal for your counsel! Stylish bug at any social event you can see the girl on the handles of which sits a little finesse, they are often dressed in one style, one hundred is considered a "peep" fashion. Surge in popularity of hand quadrupeds falls on the "golden XVIII century. While rare lady appeared in public without a tiny dog under his arm.

In some extent, four-legged friends replaced ladies handbag, that is held hands. So, the hysteria associated with the acquisition of pocket dogs, sweeping the planet today on both sides of the Atlantic, as old as time. Nowadays, fine dogs, which accompany the owners turned into a status accessory. This popular handheld breed shall cult of celebrity. In 2004 Skandalistka number one princess, disinherited, Paris Hilton appeared on the cover one of the glossy magazines with his dog chihuahua named Tinkerbell. As a result - sales representatives Chihuahua in the U.S. soared to the heavens.

Love for a living miniature toys showing Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, Pamela Anderson and Hollywood's "Million Dollar Baby," Scarlett Johansson. The dog in the black, the dog in the red Why do people opt for pocket dog? Well, firstly, with modern life in a large city, these dogs are much more comfortable in the content, than their larger relatives. In order to take a ride with a little dog on the subway, does not necessarily put a muzzle on it and keep alert dog passport stamped on all immunizations. Much easier to pick her up or put in a bag. As for food, then eat a small dog, of course, is not an example of less is more.