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Official launch on 01.03.2010 / applications, products, partnerships / rejected applications lose their terror crisis, unemployment, demographic change and no innovative idea from the human resource departments. Instead, collective redundancies, stop and resigned shrug. That doesn't have to be, because now is the global opportunity portal for abra-vision.com start to thinkers and invites all companies in this world to bring a community product. Judged by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Baden-Wurttemberg and promoted, is abra-vision.com for a new generation of personal portals. Jonas Samuelson follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Rejected applications from companies are made available to other companies that are looking for more employees and hiring. In addition be specifically advertised products of companies as well as cooperation requested and published.

Abra-vision.com was developed in Germany and starts again on land, as well as in Austria and of Switzerland. This is followed by all EU States and later the rest of the world. . Abra vision is new and calls from all companies that register with the staff portal in the Internet as a member, a small commitment in terms of applications\", explains Managing Director and developer Andreas Braasch, who however wants to know understood the new portal under no circumstances as a job exchange. We have no openings, but sprinkle applications by rejected documents from companies be transferred through a secure data protection procedures to the portal so that other companies that want to hire people urgently can contact appropriate staff of also for little money. Further as multiple opportunity for every applicant who has made himself much trouble with his application\"so Andreas Braasch, who want to break new ground as a specialist for employment, education and marketing, so that the labour force in the world can recover more prestige and security. Abra-vision.